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Ye Olde Inn Forum goes Live!

All Ye Olde Inn related announcements will be available here for all Guests to read.

Ye Olde Inn Forum goes Live!

Postby drathe » Monday August 18th, 2008 7:58pm

Ye Olde Inn's Forums are now available for all to enjoy! The Ye Olde Inn Style template is not complete yet (now usable, but still lacking custom read/unread topic icons), but since that shouldn't stop us from spreading the joy of HeroQuest, the Forums are now linked through the Ye Olde Inn Website.

So join in, have fun, and keep the greatest fantasy board game alive!

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Re: Ye Olde Inn Forum goes Live!

Postby xela_elf » Thursday September 9th, 2010 6:41pm

Just wanted to comment on the new look of the forum and updated look of the user control and messaging. Looks awesome!

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