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We need a Story Room

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We need a Story Room

Postby MadMickyG » Sunday February 19th, 2017 6:15pm

Greetings to the PTB!!

Please create a Story Room section. I know, from reading and discussing with other HQ lovers, there is a large pool of imagination out there amongst this group.

We can multi-write a campaign (done a DnD adventure between 4 writers, each writing their own part to mix in with the rest. Loads of fun!), or just write a campaign story for others to enjoy.

Story I am doing is here, inn case you want a sample: viewtopic.php?f=143&t=3470

Please, please, please, please, please let us have this. :)

Let us showcase the talent we have amongst the Inners here.
Check out my dabblings in writing.
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Feel free to let me know what you think. All comments/criticisms welcome.

Created a Hot Topic.
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