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How to easily enhance difficulty ?

PostPosted: Sunday May 22nd, 2022 11:56am
by pMg

As I said on Discord and in my presentation , I am new to the game but find it a little bit too easy.
Is there a simple way to enhance the difficulty / strategy ?
- add mord monsters ?
- add 1bp to all monsters ?

The enchanter is not very useful because of the discarded spells. Can I do something to fix it ?

I played the trial and rescue of sir ragnar.

Best regards ;)

Re: How to easily enhance difficulty ?

PostPosted: Sunday May 22nd, 2022 1:30pm
by Kurgan
1 - Use the NA (North American) rules instead of EU rules, hence Fimirs and Mummies have 2 BP and Gargoyles and Chaos Warriors have 3 BP. has translations of the various packs into NA format with multi-body point monsters (Against the Ogre Horde for example eliminates the 1 and 2 BP Ogres in favor of at least 3 BP).

This is balanced out by allowing more treasure searches and allowing the Heroes to hoard potions between quests. ;)

2 - The Wizard may be weak at first in the NA edition (can't use Borin's Armor, Spirit Blade or Orc's Bane). But he can get the Wizard's staff and cloak. In the Remake he can use the hand axe as well. TO make him more powerful, allow him to draw two random potions between quests.

The quests get much harder on their own after awhile. The Trial is a hard first quest (in NA edition). The final quests are a big challenge and Kellar's Keep, Return of the Witch Lord are much tougher.

If you play Against the Ogre Horde or Wizards of Morcar or Dark Company you will find these very challenging.

Elf and Barbarian Quest pack (especially if playing the solo quests with a default hero without extra equipment) will be the most challenging of all, TOO HARD I would say!

Re: How to easily enhance difficulty ?

PostPosted: Monday May 30th, 2022 2:10pm
by bleugh
Don't replenish health etc between quests....
ONLY allow potions / scrolls etc to top up ponts

it really brings out the banter and trade between quests, helps teamwork