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Discuss new Rules for HeroQuest.


Postby Anderas » Saturday June 8th, 2019 3:18pm

Traditionally, a feint is some action during fight, that leads to your enemy to behave wrong.

I would like to use this in HQ, somehow.

Of course there are some difficulties. You don't have ONE enemy for starters, normally you rather fight many heroes against one Orc style. Just pray that the Orc's name isn't Jackie Chan.

So how could that be implemented?

A feint: An attack or a defense, including a strange motion on your part, hoping that your enemy takes wrong assumptions, which you will then hurtfully correct with joy.

I can't help but thinking that this feint motion isn't the most effective motion, otherwise it would be the normal motion.

So currently I am thinking along those lines:

Use when the attacker rolled at least one skull.
Defend voluntarily with one die less.
Keep this die aside: use this die as extra attack die when you attack this enemy in your next turn.


Use one die less in attack.
Your enemy will also have to use one die less next time they attack you back.


Whatever. Do you have an idea?
I would love some more decision making instead of just rolling, while keeping all of Heroquest intact. :D

It should be a risky action (you give up one or two dice somehow);
the reward shall be good (so you want to do this sometimes)
but not too good (otherwise you do it all the time) :-)

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Re: Feint

Postby mitchiemasha » Thursday August 8th, 2019 12:25pm

It could be more luck based... as would the action be itself. Predicting how many skulls you roll or how many white shields the enemy rolls. If you get it right, you get the bonus. Harder against strong monsters, as it would be. Useless against Goblins, if they rolled 1 WS, they'd be dead anyways.

It's a new idea to me, potential in it somewhere.

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