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Movement variants?

Discuss new Rules for HeroQuest.

Re: Movement variants?

Postby The Admiral » Thursday June 27th, 2019 6:40am

Tott wrote:Im not a fan of removing the movement dice, id prefer other options such as:
My Elven racial ability is that the Elf rolls 3 movment die, then ignores the lowest dice.

Nice idea. My Elf gets +1 to his roll, while the Dwarf gets -1. The Elf is however more severely affected by any body armour he wears, while the Dwarf is almost immune to those effects.

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Re: Movement variants?

Postby wallydubbs » Monday September 16th, 2019 3:28pm

One of my groups tend to stick together and work as a team room-to-room so they don't really care for dice rolling for movement. Occasionally they'll send a guy back after they realized the didn't search for secret doors while the others press on. But most of the time they stick together and don't care to roll, unless it's part of the fun (rolling boulder anyone?)
So if there are no forthcoming traps down a long hallway I'll let the heroes traverse as one.
However, if they're running from a monster or chasing down an Ice Gremlin, yes, they must roll.

Although all Polar Warbears have a maximum of 6 movement, realistically they wouldn't all be the same. Comparatively some could match a heroes speed while others would fall short. This is all reflective of the heroes roll. He tries to get away and rolls a 4, either the Warbear was too fast or the hero stumbled.
Some quests can be determined by making it back to the stairwell or getting to the exit door (Halls of Dwarven Kings and Flight to the Surface) when you have little body points left. In such circumstance, speed is more important then swordsmenship and this, in turn, comes down to luck of the dice.

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