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My HQ Ruleset and Modifications

PostPosted: Thursday March 10th, 2016 2:55pm
by Saiyaforthelight

Hello fellow Inn-dwellers! I thought it long overdue that I share my set of homebrew rules and modifications. Please bear in mind that these are for my own use and never really intended for use elsewhere, so they are ugly looking, in note form and possibly confusing in places (with typos aplenty!). I share them here more as a sort of curio or for interest really. There is likely not an original idea here, as a good amount is borrowed, stolen and outright plagiarised from folks here at the inn. I owe all of you a great debt for making our HQ sessions really awesome!

Some main points: I use Flint's 30mm double corridor board, which is what started my conversion of the base game really - frustration with the limited action in single spaced corridors. I have 3 sets of HQ plus AHQ, Dragon Strike, Warhammer Quest, Dungeon Saga and so many Reaper minis I can't count (great on a 30mm board, too large mostly for the standard board) so I have some flexibility with furniture etc. in the maps.

I have the spell cards in a publisher document, but figured that people would only want the reference here.

The documents are works in progress and as such not really proofread properly yet.

Hope that the stuff is worth a read and makes sense. I'm happy to discuss, answer questions and take advice.

Thank you all members here and at Old Scratch, who have made the game we love so amazing to play, and such a fun hobby to mod and make our own!

Have removed files and updated further down the post. -Saiya-

Re: My HQ Ruleset and Modifications

PostPosted: Thursday March 10th, 2016 2:57pm
by Saiyaforthelight
-Updated files below-

Re: My HQ Ruleset and Modifications

PostPosted: Thursday March 10th, 2016 3:08pm
by Saiyaforthelight
Couple of thoughts since I posted!

US Stats generally for creatures. Gargoyle has become a Chaos Demon using US stats and two attacks, while the Gargoyle (which looks more like one) from DS is now the Gargoyle with EU stats. a middle ground (Reaper Mini demon) is called the Fury for straight US stats Gargoyle.

Spells: Sets of 4 now rather than 3.

Progression: Uses gold rather than introduce any other values to track. Heroes can train greater abilities (always on), lesser abilities and utility abilities. Not thoroughly playtested yet.

Magic: removed a couple of spells with duplicate effects. US fear spell is now one called Weakness as the Fear spell from EU WoM is the one I use. Disappear and invisibility merged. Skate changed to Winds of Chaos as Skate is great for cold themed dungeons, but thematically Winds of Chaos does the same thing and works outside the cold theme. Rust is called Decay now and can affect any item including magical ones (EWP discretion then to remove OP items from the game) although magic items get a roll to resist.

Think that covers it for now!

Re: My HQ Ruleset and Modifications

PostPosted: Friday March 11th, 2016 7:12am
by mitchiemasha
Ahh... net... This is in my armoury... I'm going to write a quest where it's introduced, found in the armoury and the heroes have to catch a monster. Take it to the ttorture rack to reveal secret doors. Which then becomes a constant usable mechanic as long as the torture rack works. A Hero catches a monster when it fails to defend an attack via the net, 1Cd in attack. The Hero must sacrifice 1md6 while dragging the monster. i'll be adding your combat variants to its stats too.

I also added rope, the user can pass a sprung pittrap at no threat, sacrifice 1 md6 to climb, in & out or stay in.

As for "weapons can not be fired" I simply use the sacrifice 1Md6 mechanic again. To change weapons a hero must sacrifice 1Md6. I've added that mechanic to a few things, such as give, ToM etc.

I like to add thrown limit restricted to BP. The more your wounded or weaker you are, the less distance you can throw. Including the lost weapons can be found if the room or corridor is searched.


That's the thread with my 2 page, heavily abbreviated version of my write up. Have a look let me know your thought. I'm still working on simplifying the character creation. ... sp=sharing

That's my armoury. I don't like to change the prices as I like to use the cards. Only changed the Short Sword 2 attacks if dual wielded, not diagonal.

Re: My HQ Ruleset and Modifications

PostPosted: Friday March 11th, 2016 12:34pm
by Saiyaforthelight
I like the idea of introducing the net mechanic. If I'm honest, my armoury is largely designed for heroes to be able to spend gold and expand the options they have in game which hopefully equates to a more fun experience! I had rope for a while, but couldn't make it work with the pit traps as heroes can simply move out of them on the next turn, although using them to climb across could be interesting.

The crossbow reloading mechanic was much more complicated originally, which wasn't working. I wanted to make it a clear choice about the Longbow and crossbow. Same reasoning for the training in missile weapons too, which the elf has by default, hopefully carving out a clear role for the elf, while not ruling out other players using bows.

I know this will split opinion, but all the heroes simply move 8 in my ruleset. Adds pace to the game and removed the wildly varying rolls on movement dice. Makes the run action an interesting choice too. I know this is a subject people feel strongly about, so I shall rest it here!

Prices went through a couple of revisions. Largely used the original prices to start with, but then I came to feel a standard format was more appropriate. This is the formula I use:

Weapon cost: 50 for first combat die, 200 for each subsequent. Reach and diagonal is plus 50 each, missile is 100, thrown is free. Reloading is -50, consumable is -100.
Armour cost: 150 for first combat die, 250 for each subsequent. -50 for movement penalty. +100 for magical items only the Wizard can use.

Interested in your 'Mighty Blow' and Sneak mechanics. As you can see from the Rogue character WIP I can't quite settle on rules for sneaking yet. I like the monster abilities in your post too. I have a whole host in my 'Rules' document, which I need to start adding to creatures in the quest book.

Re: My HQ Ruleset and Modifications

PostPosted: Saturday March 12th, 2016 3:02pm
by mitchiemasha
Glad you mentioned the movement mod. That was my next comment but i'll leave it with... I strongly oppose fixed movement, lol!

Re: My HQ Ruleset and Modifications

PostPosted: Sunday March 13th, 2016 9:15am
by Saiyaforthelight
Indeed - it's an issue that gets people passionate; this can only be a good thing. There are pros and cons to both arguments, but ultimately we went with what worked for us. I played with one die roll +6 at one time to reduce the range of movement, but settled on fixed movement with the run action as it worked for us. I am, of course, well aware of the flak I might potentially take, but hey - that's what forums are for! |_P

Going to spend the morning refining some of the quests and tidying up some of the additional rules I'm toying with. Got some cool new minis recently that I'd like to work in to the quests!

Saiya :skeleton:

Re: My HQ Ruleset and Modifications

PostPosted: Saturday April 9th, 2016 1:17pm
by Stig
These rules are awesome - there are SO many great ideas in there! I love the events - I was thinking along the same lines myself... In my mind I was going to have a sand timer and whe it runs out, to draw an "event" card in order to keep the heroes under time pressure. I'll post them up when I get it done. There's so much added flavour here. Thanks!

Re: My HQ Ruleset and Modifications

PostPosted: Sunday April 10th, 2016 7:59am
by Saiyaforthelight
Thank you for the feedback - these ideas are what my gaming group enjoys. Made some small changes here or there and will update in time. As previously stated, I don't think there's much in there that is totally original, but I hope it's useful to others.

The quest books are something I'm most pleased with: once I started modifying quests here or there I ended up making huge changes to make the quests even more interesting for my group. Not to everyone's taste, but we enjoy them!

Re: My HQ Ruleset and Modifications

PostPosted: Tuesday October 25th, 2016 12:58pm
by Saiyaforthelight
After a little play testing, there have been some small balancing changes and rule changes - nothing big. Biggest change is the original quest book where I've added some variety to the quests. Still a work in progress, but I like to see what people think.