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Re: Anderas' HQ: living rule book

PostPosted: Friday September 8th, 2017 11:33pm
by Anderas
Wow thanks a lot - i will correct that one.

In the meanwhile i have 90% of my cards on the stack for "redoing" because i found the one or the other failure. It's just crazy how many little things can go wrong. All the more i have learned to appreciate professional work, where they do the same, but under lots of time pressure, and with better quality than me. :D

Re: Anderas' HQ: living rule book

PostPosted: Wednesday November 1st, 2017 12:35am
by DullandRusty
Hello Anderas, sorry to bother if it is in another thread (I went through the slev thread as well looking for the asnwer). with this system for the wizard, how does he obtain more mastery points? leveling i presume. How do you level him? based on quests, purchasing training with gold etc? and what is the requirements to level up per mastery. Do you happen to have a link to the thread where you discuss this part of the wizard play?

Re: Anderas' HQ: living rule book

PostPosted: Wednesday November 1st, 2017 1:41am
by Anderas
The "mastery" is a score on a spell in my system.

You roll a D6, you add the "mastery".
If you are below your mind points, it works as intended: You pay the cost, you get the effect.
If you are above your mind points, you pay the cost but it doesn't work. Then you can spend the difference (the part you rolled too high) in mind points; in order to make it working.

Example: Your wizard has six mind points. You want to cast the Djinn and keep the card at the same time. You roll D6 plus 4, because keeping the Djinn card is really difficult.
Then you roll a three. Three plus four is seven. Either it didn't work, or you pay an additional mind point and it works.

"Leveling up" the wizard works with the Talisman of Lore and the Wizard's cloak.
Those additional mind points make the wizard really strong.

My system has two effects:
The wizard getting stronger over time (in the beginning he is strong enough, but later he is somewhat meh compared to the others)
The wizard can re-cast some spells, but he will lose mind points in the process, so he can't keep the cards eternally.

Re: Anderas' HQ: living rule book

PostPosted: Wednesday November 1st, 2017 3:44pm
by DullandRusty
gotcha, I misread a quote when you were talking about the genie spell. this makes much more sense now. thank you

Re: Anderas' HQ: living rule book

PostPosted: Wednesday October 24th, 2018 2:23am
by Anderas
I made an updated version of my "Cost of Magic" sheet. It has now 16:9 format in order to be perfectly visible if you save it as picture on a mobile phone. No need to print nowadays.
It also has a high resolution for people who want to print, or to zoom .


Re: Anderas' HQ: living rule book

PostPosted: Thursday October 25th, 2018 10:32am
by Anderas
I also remade all the Monster Cards, to be better in line with the EU Layout.

* Ye Olde Inn HQ25 Monsters are included
* Ogres have Phoenix' NA Version stats
* Base game monsters have NA Version stats
* Many monsters have a "base game version" and a "Evil Wizard Player Token Version", which is, you take some tokens and you can use those to activate Monster Abilities. I have also an EWP Deck, and sometimes I use cards from that to activate Monster abilities.
* I included some Mercenary cards for certain Conan Boardgame miniatures. They're variations of what exists already; except maybe for the Pirate which is a "Hero Goblin": A scout without search ability. :lol:

* Elf and Barbarian Quest Pack are not yet done.

Download them here.

The card format fits with 2.5" x 3.5" (63.5mm × 89mm) card format at the professional printer.

I am happy about any suggestions.

Re: Anderas' HQ: living rule book

PostPosted: Thursday October 25th, 2018 11:12am
by Anderas
Remade the first three spell sets.
Each is available in "Base" and "Master" Version. Each Spell group has 9 Spells. Count Mohawk would recognize most of them because they are stolen of their similarity. :lol:

While the master version requires some mechanic to heal Mind Points or is only a very very small buff. If you build that heal mechanism into the wizard (instead of, say, a potion); then you need also EWP Cards to have sufficient time pressure.
Otherwise he reloads until the max before each single room, and we don't want that. (really, I tried. We don't want that.)

Have fun. I find failures each time I look at them, so if you bother to download them, I would be happy about remarks if you find failures.

Replaced this link in a new posting. For download go here.

Those graphics fit with the 44 x 67 mm card format (that's 1.73" x 2.64" ); better known as "Zombicide card format".
If you're ready to accept less than 300 dpi, they also fit 2.32" x 3.58" (59mm×91mm); that's nearly double the the square inches, for the weak-eyed among us.

Plan is to let the Elf either choose 6 Elf Spells, or one group of elemental spells with 3 spells.
The wizard may choose 3 elemental groups with 3 spells each.
The groups are bigger than what you can choose, so you have to choose randomly.

Between the quests: Wizards may go to the wizards university tower and study:
:greyorb: Deepen, 100 Gold: Name a Spell Group. Get the right to draw one spell more from that Spell Group, up to a maximum of your Mind Points :blueorb: .
:greyorb: Specialize, 50 Gold: Name one spell. If you choose that spell's group, you can take that spell directly in the future. Draw the other spells from that group for your hand at random, like normal.
:greyorb: Widen, 300 Gold: Get the access to a new spell group that you didn't possess until now. Start with 3 spells.
:greyorb: Master, 500 Gold: If you can choose at least 4 spells from a group, you can become master magician. From now on use the master spells instead the base spells for the future. Be aware that you force Zargon's hand: A new master magician draws his attention. You will play with EWP cards from now on.

For the Hero development that means:
1200 Gold to spend just to get to know the new groups
4000 Gold if you want to be master everywhere
2400 Gold if you want to have 6 Spells everywhere, or if you got some mind points from artifacts, it can even go up to 8 spells everywhere for 4000 Gold
If you want to specialize on your favorites in every spell group, let's say two per group, that's 800 Gold more.
Means if the wizard really wants to know it all, he spends up to 10 000 Gold; that's a nice package and will take a while longer than for the others.

The "master" spells get introduced later, when the heroes are accustomed to the base spells already. That lets them appreciate the new possibilities, also it's only a little step forward and not a mountain of rules at the same time.

Finally, it offers completely new magician Hero choices: Our base game wizard was an Elementalist. You can now generate all sorts starting wizards with four of those groups, or wizard specialists with one or two spell groups but who take more spells per group....

Balur the Fire Mage, for example, could be a Master Fire Specialist who knows all 9 Fire Spells but nothing else. But: He knows of course the master version of each spell. :lol: :twisted:

Re: Anderas' HQ: living rule book

PostPosted: Friday October 26th, 2018 3:18am
by Anderas
I made the fire spells now.

9 Spells in the fire group, in each, the base and the master variant. Like in the others. Big thanks to Mohawk.
Likewise, Earth now has 9 Spells.

The Elf has no master version. With full access to the armory, he is good enough already!
He can draw six of those spells at random:

Replaced this link in a new posting. For download go here.

Again, my plea: If you bother to download them and you find an error, let me know. Worst was the Elf Spell Group, that I considered completely finished. And when I took a look the next day, I found out I had to rework each and every card.

Re: Anderas' HQ: living rule book

PostPosted: Friday October 26th, 2018 6:27am
by Anderas
The protection and water spells.

Replaced this link in a new posting. For download go here.

That was, I don't know how to put it... exhausting. 8x18 and 1x9 spells that*s, like 153 play cards. I am really hesitating to send them to printerstudio now, what if I find failures afterwards!

Or I copy/paste Mohawk's Alchemy group, too. Then it's a round nine groups with nine spells each. I must admit, making two spell groups in a row is blowing my concentration away, afterwards the failures pile up.

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PostPosted: Sunday October 28th, 2018 5:17am
by Anderas