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Re: HeroQuest Revised Edition

Postby Anderas » Saturday January 13th, 2018 3:15am

sadly he does produce those dice himself. So he takes available blank dice from the market and stamps them.

That explains those strange colors - i was searching for blank dice myself and did find only those colors.
That explains also why there is no three symbol side - he would need a new stamp that costs 700€ according to him.
It explains also why there are changes - manual is manual, you can always change your mind during manual work.

He would have been better off by ordering a couple thousand dice, produced professionally, like Decipher, in a comprehensive color scheme, sold as sets on a better platform than MyLivingRoomOnlineStore.
To put an end my rant, at least the orange dice are not very important and the rest stayed the same. The most important ones are the green, black and blue ones.

Yellow i use for some special effect weapons - they hit less often, but if they do, they hit more strong; without changing the overall strength of a weapon too much. (about 10% only)

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Re: HeroQuest Revised Edition

Postby Biggkes » Saturday January 13th, 2018 1:39pm

Thanks guys for the clarification.

I'm excited to add these into our game.
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