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Printable Quests (Booklet Format)

PostPosted: Saturday April 13th, 2019 10:37am
by 8bit-Dude
Hey Guys,

I am relatively new here, and wanted to share some of the small time work I have done lately. Basically, I noticed that while there are tons of quests available for download, printing them in booklet format (instead of stapled at the top) takes quite a bit of cropping, resizing, and figuring out which page goes where.

So I am gonna share here my "ready-to-print" booklets. I suggest printing page 1 on glossy paper (0.2mm thickness) and the rest on plain paper (0.15mm thickness). It produces a booklet very similar to the stuff you get in expansion packs.

So here are the booklets available now (acknowledging Phoenix, from whom I got the original PDFs):
The Dark Company: ... .docx?dl=0
The Slave City: ... .docx?dl=0
Growl of Thunder: ... .docx?dl=0
The Mind Eye: ... .docx?dl=0
Prince of Thieves: ... .docx?dl=0
Running the Gauntlet: ... .docx?dl=0

I will add more as I go...
Cheers, Tony!