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Tester and Feelers - Interest?

PostPosted: Thursday March 7th, 2019 6:41pm
by torilen
Hi all,
I'm currently working on an in-town adventure for Questing Heroes that I really, really,
hope to have finished and published by the middle of next week. It involves little
combat...more interaction with the townspeople and discovery the cause of a
mysterious rash of accidents and unluckiness.

It should be fairly easy to convert it to HQ. Aside from the not-much-combat issue,
however, which I can work around and still make it are some issues
to think about:
1 - The board is not really designed for town adventures. If you ignore the board looking
like a dungeon, then okay. Heroic Maps and Inked Adventures offer quite a few options for
town and overland adventuring - both of those companies create maps and modular tiles
designed, really, FOR HQ type game play.

2 - Unless you want to use more descriptives and imagination, you would need a lot more
furniture than is available in the base HQ game system. Again - there are companies that
make print-off tiles for furniture...Inked Adventures has some great stuff designed for
HQ game play.

3 - My not-very-much combat work around - I would offer random things for the town characters
to say, offering both info about the town and/or the characters and offering information to lead
the heroes to the end of the game. It would almost be like a video game setup - similar to
The Legend of Zelda, with the pop-up converstations - but in board game format.

SO...with all that said - would anyone be interested in playing something like this? I'd be happy to
convert it and post it here, but it WILL still be a bit of work and if there isn't much interest, I could
move on to other projects. If I can make the adventure work and add more combat into it to make it
more like actual HQ, I'll just make it and post it anyhow - but I don't know of a way to do that yet.


Re: Tester and Feelers - Interest?

PostPosted: Thursday March 7th, 2019 7:31pm
by DullandRusty
we have a few tavern quests or town quests we play. One we play is gathering info for a quest...We have another stat "Charisma" that each custom hero has a value to. High charisma can try to persuade info out, low charisma less likely to succeed. Barbarian can roll his attack dice as an intimidation roll. if He fails combat ensues for him in the tavern or rolls out into the street. The rogue we created can try to gather info by sneaking undetected and listening in to conversations or anyone else can as well if they use veil of mist for the turn. combat can occur with this too but is a secondary aspect of the quest. It is fun for a change of pace but lacks the dungeon crawl feel and exploration of HQ.

Re: Tester and Feelers - Interest?

PostPosted: Thursday March 7th, 2019 9:15pm
by Jafazo
It's different. I'd be curious to see what that kind of play would be like and if it'd be enjoyable. I'd give it a try,

Re: Tester and Feelers - Interest?

PostPosted: Friday March 8th, 2019 4:24am
by Weltenlaeufer
Yes please! Sounds very cool! I am trying to build some little town quests around the base missions myself to create a little world and context around it. Still in the beginning stages though :)

Re: Tester and Feelers - Interest?

PostPosted: Friday March 8th, 2019 5:01am
by Anderas
Would it have the format of an internet page? PDF?

I once made a little in town adventure in book form, similar to the firetop mountain book. Only that all the numbers you had to jump to were hyperlinks instead. It worked quite well, but it was weeks of work for half an hour of gameplay.

Re: Tester and Feelers - Interest?

PostPosted: Friday March 8th, 2019 10:36am
by torilen
Well, looks like there is some interest, so once I get it finished - again, hopefully by the start of this next week -
then I will convert it for HQ.

Anderas - it will be a PDF, like all of the other stuff I the other quest packs. For the "pop-up"
conversations, I would probably include print off cards that would go with each building and/or game master
character that the heroes would encounter. For instance, they encounter a carpenter...the carpenter would
have a small card to print off that offers three or four talking points - one would be a hint as to what is
happening or who is causing it...something to lead the heroes in a specific direction. They would have to
talk to the carpenter, though, and converse enough to reach that hint.

Re: Tester and Feelers - Interest?

PostPosted: Friday March 8th, 2019 10:40am
by torilen
Anderas - I get what you're saying, but that is just the nature of the beast in creating a civilized
adventure in which there is a lot of interaction with other characters. Unless you want to leave it
to the game master/Evil Wizard Player to wing it, there would be a lot of work involved in getting it
ready. I'll have a good deal of it put together already, though - the most work I would have to do is
just creating the conversation cards. And, really...(shh, don't tell anyone)...I might be able to
"borrow" some video game material to fill it out, if need be. I'm not selling it here at the inn, so,
I think I can use a little lee-way.