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Posting Quests/Searching for Quests

Discuss Quest creation and share Quests/Quest Packs you've created.

Posting Quests/Searching for Quests

Postby drathe » Sunday September 28th, 2008 12:05pm

Searching for Quests

The easiest way to browse this forum for Quests is to change the 'Sort by' drop-down menu located at the bottom of the forum page to 'Subject'. This will list all the topics in Alphabetical Order.

Posting Quests

Creating a Subject:
To ensure the ease of searching, please format your Subject in the following manner based on the type of your Quest.

[Quest Type] [# of Quests or Character (if a Quest Pack or Solo Quest)] - Quest Title


[Preview] [Quest Pack] [10 Quests] - Heir to the Black Banner
[Group Quest] - The Maze
[Quest Pack] [10 Quests] - Kellar's Keep
[Solo Quest] [Barbarian] - Xanon Pass

Providing a Link:
At the beginning of your post, provide a link to the Quest/Quest Pack. Using the built in BBcode URL function above the post message box is preferred. You may also wish to use a large font to draw more attention to the link.
Champion Members may attach their Quest/Quest Pack directly in-line, or at the bottom of their post.

In all cases, it is preferred that a description of what is required* to play the Quest/Quest Pack be listed, as well as what stage (experience) the Hero/Heroes should be at when the Quest/Quest Pack is played. If your Quest/Quest Pack uses materials* (tiles, cards, etc.) not found in the official Milton Bradley Game Systems and Quest Packs, and they are not provided with your Quest/Quest Pack download, please provide links (using the BBcode URL function preferably, or attach the file) to them in your description.

Quest Previews:
If you are providing a preview to a Quest/Quest Pack that you are working on and plan to release on this forum, please use '[Preview]' in your title. Once your Quest/Quest Pack is complete and ready for full release, edit your first post and change the 'Subject' by removing the '[Preview]'. Then replace the link (or attachment) to the completed Quest/Quest Pack, or if you wish to leave the Preview link available, add a new link to the completed Quest/Quest Pack two lines below your Preview link. If you do not have post-editing privileges, please contact an Innkeeper, or Wizard of Zargon via PM asking for your Quest Preview to be changed. Don't forget to provide them with the required information such as the new links, Quest Type, etc.

If the above format is not used, an Innkeeper or Wizard of Zargon may edit your post so that if follows the standards laid out in this announcement. This will help ensure all our members and guests can easily search for and enjoy the quests developed by our great community.

If you would like your Quest hosted at Ye Olde Inn, feel free to contact drathe.

*If your Quest/Quest Pack uses materials (tiles, cards, etc.) created by someone other than yourself, please obtain permissions from those Author's/Artists to use and/or provide links to their works.

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