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Postby whitebeard » Saturday February 17th, 2018 11:50pm

Daedalus wrote:Here's another look at your Quest Pack, starting with the first six:

Quest 1
The lower-right room with the Chaos Warrior--is he meant to be placed when the room is revealed or when he comes into view (LoS)? RAW would dictate immediate placement.

Personally I would play with Line of Sight for the reveal because this is how we play everything. But I expect the EWP to play by their normal rules, so a total room reveal is fine as well.

Daedalus wrote:Quest 2
6.) ". . . Genie or fire can open/destroy the door. . . ." It would be sweet it fire were changed to Fire of Wrath. It would match the card art and the original design of the spell.
Ah, I remember the amulet from the DungeonsDark Artifacts thread!

Done. The "of Wrath" will be deployed with the next update to this thread.

This was also an insanely fun quest to play.

Daedalus wrote:Quest 3
E.) I like the doors-as-archway design that opens up the corridors to the dragon. Good notes make clever use of existing components. |_P

Thanks for noticing!

Daedalus wrote:Quest 4
B.) I like how this pit trap/slide works. It can't be found and thus will surely put a lone Hero in a bad place. I'd add the square where the Hero is dropped, marked with an "F."


Daedalus wrote:E.) If this trap is discovered (the Goblin may be shot), the Doppelganger might not be encountered. That could leave the manhunt goal of this Quest largely unfulfilled. I'd suggest placing this pit trap just after the corridor secret door in the weapon room beyond. That would all but certainly deny a search (short of an unlikely Pass Through Rock) and assure this Quest plays as intended.

You are correct, the trap needs to be "undiscoverable". Moving it one space to the left will fix this. I just thought that was too crowded.

If the heroes miss the two secret doors, they do not get the hint and do not collect the reward at the end of the quest, so I would not make the finding of the first door a condition for encountering the doppelganger.

Daedalus wrote:The pit trap of this slide is 25 squares away from room H, but the stairway tiles only account for a fraction of the vertical drop needed. Adding in two long stairway tiles between the short stairway tiles with repositioning could help. Another option would be to block off a cell within the unused square room nearby the pit trap, but keep the three-turn return trip the same (steeper=slower.)

I had envisioned the bottom floor being more or less underneath the top floor. If you treat the stairway with no monsters on it as a winding way down, then you can kind of line-up BE with HF. There is no room left on the page for more notes... It is okay? Of course Pass Through Rock breaks this, but that is also explainable and very much "playable".

Daedalus wrote:Quest 5
Notes: If the Nightmare Demon attacks the same Hero twice in one turn, should the Hero defend each separately? If only one defend roll is allowed as with the BQP, then this monster is very deadly.

I do not recognize the BQP as an official expansion, :D and most of us on here do not own it. I play 2 attacks from the same monster (or hero) the same way I play two attacks from different monsters (or heroes) on the same hero in the same turn. That said, if you played through the BQP, and you play with this rule, then you likely have enough character specific artifacts to make all of my expansion quests a cake walks. So... suck it up? :fimir:

The Dragon in Quest 3 also has 2 attacks... and several other bosses.

Quest 6
C.) How should a piece of metal equipment be chosen to be devoured by the Rust Monster? Is it up to Morcar/Zargon, the Hero, or is it randomly decided?[/quote]

I treat it like the Rust spell. At my table EWP decides. I will leave it open ended for those wish to interpret it otherwise.

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Re: [Quest Pack] [10 Quests] - DungeonsDark

Postby Daedalus » Monday February 19th, 2018 5:36am

And now for the last six:

Quest 7
To win the Quest at least one Hero and one priest must make it through the exit--is that right? But is it also necessary to escape with the Elixir of Life mentioned in the Parchment Text? How necessary is it to leave with the Sacred Tome? The notes imply this is also an objective. What about the Tempest Staff?

Quest 8
H.) At least 3 extra Skeletons beyond the 4 of the Game System are needed here because of respawning, though it's entirely possible 6 extra will be needed as part of the "endless armies of Skeletal Warriors" blocking the exits. I adjusted the OP to reflect this.

Quest 9
Nice job on keeping Goblins dangerous in the mirror world. It seems a bit odd to me that the Dwarf could fail both riddles and retain a Mind Point while the other Heroes would be reduced to zero. Rolling a combat die for each current Mind Point and reducing a Hero's score for each skull rolled would be a bit more fair. Also, what happens to a Hero with zero Mind Points? I think the shock rule would work, but maybe you prefer something shorter, such as out for the Quest? It would be best to note the effect of zero Mind Points somewhere in your Quest Pack, in my opinion.

Quest 10
When a room is explored and a die is rolled:
1. Tnaug is rolled and casts Return. You mean the Chaos spell Escape, right?
6.) ". . . Ignore and discard treasure cards until an item is
drawn." This appears specific to a custom deck. Perhaps drawing for a potion could be substituted.

Quest 11
Ten extra blocked square tiles beyond what are included in the Game System are needed for the map after also accounting for all pit trap, falling block trap, and secret door tiles. I've updated the OP.
Notes: ". . . All potions and tonics found in the catacombs have a 50% chance of being stale and useless. . . ." Why not express that this way: Any potion found in the catacombs is stale and useless if the Hero rolls a skull with one combat die.
Daedalus wrote:I see now--thanks for the clarification. I had neglected to reread the upper portion of the Room G note: ". . . he will use a time travel device to restore everything to this point and escape." That should have set me straight. My focus was only based on the lower part of the note. . . .

. . . So anyway, I'd say no change is needed here as Anderas got it right. If you wanted, you could change ". . . All monsters, heroes, and dungeon
features are restored to their pre-encounter state." > . . . All monsters, heroes, and dungeon features are restored to their state just before this room was encountered.

Quest 12
From the Quagmire topic:
Daedalus wrote:This adaptation works great as a timed Quest! I love the spiral down design. Those poisoned spears are also cool. I have a couple of suggestions.

First, I think it would be helpful to mark sinking/sunk rooms with skull tiles as a visual reminder when a black shield is rolled. They would also help track turns of flooding when applicable.

Second, I think the Hero attacking the elemental with the wand should need to roll a combat die to strike the heart. . . .

Are you gonna go for 14 Quests like the Game System?

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