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[Group Quest][4 Quests] The Goblin Caves

PostPosted: Wednesday May 29th, 2013 9:05am
by torilen
Here is another quest pack set in the Leyirin Vale. Sorry about the "blah" title - best I could come up with
right now. I might change it later.
Note that the Leyirin Vale setting is linked to within the questbook.

As always, criticism is welcome. Let me know what you think. Hope you enjoy.

An exceptionally intelligent and cunning goblin by the name of Bolgiben has gathered a fairly large tribe in some caverns on the eastern side of the vale and has become a dangerous pest among the towns and their people. Few have come in contact with Bolgiben himself, but those who have that still live have alluded to the idea that the goblin might, perhaps, have come into possession of some sort of magical object that has enhanced his mental capacity. It is nearly impossible to find anyone who believes that a simple goblin could actually be as smart of Bolgiben seems to be.

The Governors' Council of Leyirin Vale has had enough of Bolgiben and his kind, and have asked that a group of heroic and powerful individuals (i.e. you) hunt down and destroy as many goblins as you can find. They hope that, with a good amount of talent and luck, you will run across Bolgiben's hideout and be able to take him down once and for all. The Council has been able to amass a fair amount of reward for whoever can take care of the problem, and offers 600 gold to any individual or party who brings back proof of Bolgiben's death. They have also talked to many of the business owners in the individual settlements within the Vale, and have been able to secure you 'reasonable' free room and board in most of the inns and taverns, as well as a fifty-percent discount in most of the equipment shops.

A town guardsman from the Town of Karich has offered the first clue to tracking down Bolgiben. Several miners from the town ran across some traps outside a cavern roughly 10 miles due east of Karich.

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