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[Group Quest] [1 Quest] Gersi's Mansion

PostPosted: Sunday May 26th, 2013 9:12pm
by torilen
This is one LOOONG quest...takes up 3 boards basically. Once you get into it, you'll see why it is so long.
Offers a lot of flavor and role playing. You will want to use a seasoned group of heroes, but I am not sure
how seasoned yet. I haven't tested any of it...I have been working on it for a while, and wanted to go ahead
and post it.

I am really excited about it because this is the first quest that takes place in he Leyirin Vale setting that I've posted.
That is found here:

I think I finally posted something without any mistakes or missing items. I have one page for my other quests,
which I have not finished out, but the quest itself is complete, I believe. Hope you all like it.

As Always, please leave your thoughts.

EDIT 5-27-13: I forgot to put the name of the quest in the subject line. It is fixed.
EDIT 5-30-13: As seems to be a curse I just cannot escape, I missed something before posting this. On page 10, under
--------------note 10 for part 1, there are supposed to be 5 books listed, along with their use/purpose. I did not finish
--------------that. I will do that soon, and I will post it here as an edit, instead of reposting the whole quest.

A recent spring rain caused a small landslide in the hills south of Seranil, an area overlooking Lake Taryss. Upon inspecting the landslide to ensure that no one was injured or killed, it was found that a construction, buried many years ago, had been unearthed. The entire roof of the structure can now be seen; it appears to be a large mansion from a time long gone, with very ornate carvings along the roof's edge, several stone gargoyle-like figures at each corner, and heavy slate shingles that have not deteriorated over the years.
Local officials in Seranil feel that the interior of the structure might be well preserved, since the slate shingles might have kept any water from leaking through the ceiling. They have asked that you, the local heroes, explore the interior of the mansion and report back with any findings that might be of importance. The governor of Seranil has offered each member of your party 100 gold coins as a reward, but has placed one restriction upon your exploration. Any treasures that you might be able to bring back should be brought to Seranil for examination, after which they may be returned to you, unless it would serve the public a very great service by the treasures being kept by the town itself. He has assured you, however, that any items of the "adventuring type" would, most likely, be returned, as they would not serve the public well by simply being stored in the town's coffers.

If the heroes agree to explore the mansion (read this to the players at the start of the quest):
You find a portion of the roof has been broken through and, upon seeing nothing in the room beneath, feel this is as good a place as any to enter the mansion. Upon climbing down to the floor, you see goblin tracks in the dust and dirt. They lead toward the only door in the room. The door is closed.

gersis mansion.pdf

This quest makes use of some artifacts that I have made...found here:

It also makes use of my spell expansion, and other expansions. The links for those can all be found within the
quest pack, on the third or fourth page.