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Leyirin Vale Quest Pack Setting

PostPosted: Wednesday April 24th, 2013 8:36am
by torilen
This is really more of a setting, as it is right now. I already have several quests/quest packs rolling around in
my head, and I will simply post those as a comment under this thread when I get them ready.

This piece I am posting here today will be a work in progress for a while, so check in occasionally to see what is new.
Take note that this material will make use of quite a few of my treasure-artifact cards, as well as my own expanded
weapons, armor, equipment and such, and may make use of other peoples as well. I will try to remember to link to
those threads should I use any one else's treasures and artifacts.
All of the links for my expanded materials and treasure-artifact cards can be found on page 3 of the pdf.

Material includes 3 area maps, brief history of the vale and two interesting plot/quest hooks. Also includes character stats
for all eight of the "heroes" involved in the history of the vale.

You will notice the difference in name in the subject. I had already determined a name when I originally posted this piece,
and forgot to tell myself. Sorry about the confusion on that.
I added a Brief History of the World, giving minor details about how the people go to this world, and the names of the deities.
I know there are some who could care less about religion in the game...even if you are one of those, the names could help if your
heroes want to visit a temple to get healing or what not...just to add that extra bit of flavor to the game.
I also added some missing names here and might notice, you might not.
OH...and, I added the populations for the towns in the vale. I included a real world population, as well as what I term as easy to
manage game populations. I had mentioned this is another thread the game master would only have to create at most
30 or so game master characters...much easier to flesh out 30 than have to worry about 1000 or more individuals.

I just noticed in one of my comments I had said the scale is 10 miles per hex space. This is not so - it is 5 miles per hex space.

Updated the pdf for Leyirin Vale. I added a piece of map - there is now a wild valley south of Leyirin Vale. I also added information
about the kingdom of Ellianel. All of the links for my other works are updated, as well, and should feature every single useful work I've
Just as a side note - It appears as if Templar is going to sign on to work on this project. I've added his name into the credits, since he
came up with a plot item - the pirate outpost in the swamp south of Ellianel. If anyone else wants to work within Leyirin Vale, let me know.
I'll add in whatever information is needed to the main setting, and you are welcome to post quests that take place within the vale.

GREAT NEW STUFF - exciting stuff. Templar has started adding in material...he has started detailing a small section in the north of
the Kingdom of Ellianel - added in a new game master character, as well. Very happy to have him aboard.
Also - I added two new pieces of the map - expands the world to the north a little bit, and adds some islands off to the northeast of the
mainland. Added some notes about one of the new maps - I'll be working on fleshing that out.
As always, anyone else is welcome to join in. Just message me with ideas you have, and I'll let you know whether to run with them or if
someone else is working in the same place. I will say this up front - the new map area, with the library - I have big ideas for that...but
you're still welcome to join in...just realize I may be a little bit stingier in that part of the world. There are lots of open areas that need
to be brought alive, though.

Leyirin Vale.pdf

Re: Karich Vale Quest Pack Setting

PostPosted: Wednesday April 24th, 2013 2:45pm
by Daedalus
I like the maps. Will you allow a group of Heroes to wander over it? A map then becomes an exploration board, with hexes instead of squares. If so, you could seed it with encounter areas that are keyed to Quests that the Heroes could discover. Towns would also provide rumors that would point to certain encounter areas, as would NPC directed Quests.

Re: Karich Vale Quest Pack Setting

PostPosted: Wednesday April 24th, 2013 7:09pm
by torilen
If you have a way of printing the hexes off large enough, or have some sort of token that is small enough to
use, then yeah, using the maps as adventure boards is always an option.

I have to remember to put in a scale tonight...I forget to do that. The scale is 1 hex = 10 miles.

I plan to include information about the towns...what can be found in the stores, a few interesting
characters that might hold good information. That will take a while, though.

EDIT: Sorry - I was writing a quick response at my dad's house - now I can write a bit more now that I'm at home.

As far as creating tables or such or encounters...I actually have part of a game that I created that does that...I had it
set up for heroes to compete against each other to the final goal - ridding the kingdom of the dragon. It was a wilderness
adventure game, where you would move a certain number of hexes, and roll for an encounter at various times.

But that would be very simple to do. Just set up an encounter table for grasslands, hills, mountains, forests, and swamps.
You would have to decide when to roll for an encounter...that might be the hard part.
As it is setup right now, the scale is 1 hex = 10 the heroes could only move maybe 2 hexes in a day.

Re: Karich Vale Quest Pack Setting

PostPosted: Thursday April 25th, 2013 9:17am
by torilen
Just an update - I've started on one quest that will take place in Karich Vale. Should be okay for heroes equal
to those who may have gone through the first original quest pack or two.

Also - just a note - I may leave open any background info for the eight original explorers of the
reasoning for this, so any game master wishing to use this material can make the backgrounds themselves,
and make the characters their case they have a special focus they might have for their game group.

Re: Leyirin Vale Quest Pack Setting

PostPosted: Tuesday April 30th, 2013 8:55am
by torilen
Updated the file for the vale - added a bit to it last night.

Also - update on the quest. It is about 1/2 complete...should be able to finish it soon, if work is
slow enough this week. It is looking like this might even be a good quest for heroes who have finished
only the first original quest pack...maybe even beginner heroes. I'll have to test a few things to determine
the difficulty. Take note that there is an opening in this quest to lead to another small setting/quest.
You'll see what it is done.

Re: Leyirin Vale Quest Pack Setting

PostPosted: Sunday May 26th, 2013 9:15pm
by torilen
Okay, I've added a bit to the setting...but not enough to update that. Maybe by the end of the week I'll
be able to update it.

BUT...I have posted the first quest that takes place in the vale. If you read it, you'll notice some ideas
included for the future, depending on how things turn out with the heroes on the quest (if they take the quest).

Find the quest here:

Re: Leyirin Vale Quest Pack Setting

PostPosted: Wednesday May 29th, 2013 9:08am
by torilen
New quest added, and it takes place in the Vale. You go after one of the main
troubles in the Vale - the Bolgiben goblin tribe.

Find it here:

Re: Leyirin Vale Quest Pack Setting

PostPosted: Wednesday September 11th, 2013 9:31am
by Templar
This is going to be a HUGE package when it all is done...and it will still allow for any amount more you would like to add later...

I, like many others I am sure, have thought of making up a setting where the heroes/players can do almost anything they want, go anywhere they want, and find different quest depending on what they do. I will probably never have the patience to actually do it though...but I am glad that someone has taken up the challenge! I salute your ambitious spirit! |_P

Have a :cookie: , you've earned it :D

Re: Leyirin Vale Quest Pack Setting

PostPosted: Wednesday September 11th, 2013 7:57pm
by torilen
I haven't worked on this much in quite a while - I need to get going on it again, try to come up with some good
quests to add in, and maybe try to add to the regional info some more.


Re: Leyirin Vale Quest Pack Setting

PostPosted: Thursday September 12th, 2013 7:32am
by Templar
If you want any help, say with an isolated quest or some limited map/world backstories, I would be glad to help! :)

Though I understand if you like to do it alone...there is nothing like being able to say "I did this myself" 8-)