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Fighting Fantasy Monsters

PostPosted: Sunday April 3rd, 2022 11:21pm
by Village
I know for a lot of people like me, the Fighting Fantasy books were a gateway drug to HQ. There is a great homebrew quest based on the first book, Warlock of Firetop Mountain.
There are a few iconic monsters from the series which seem ripe for inclusion in quests and some even have miniatures out there to use- perhaps somebody has already made a start on monster cards for these but a few ideas:

The Lizard King and Gonchong:
An Island of the Lizard King quest, full of lizard men and reptiles with final showdown against the big man and his pet panther would rule but the star of the show is the gonchong crowning his head and controlling his mind.

Imagine the gonchong as an HQ monster. If Hero's mind points fall to zero, the gonchong takes control. The Barbarian suddenly turns on his comrades! They must either kill him or once again reduce his mind points to zero to drive off the gonchong and rescue him.

Brain Slayer

Another that would attack mind points and take possession.


Perhaps he takes the form of other monsters and the heoros have to defeat each in turn before his final form is revealed?

Just a few of my initial thoughts. I still have my copy of Out of the Pit, so might mine it for more ideas when I get the chance.