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Wake up the dead

PostPosted: Wednesday January 26th, 2022 3:23pm
by tallyho
Hi, i have an idea. "wake up dead monsters".
Im sure there are card for this in a evil wizard deck. But i want a monster character doing the job.
Sometimes it’s just too easy for the heroes walking around an slaughtering monsters.
I want to create a character that can bring to life 1 dead monster each round.
Only monsters up to 2 mind points.
This character is not a fighter and statistics can be
Attack 1
Defense 4
Body 5
Mind 4
Movement 10.
Want the character to be sturdy and fast.
Cannot open doors. Passes any trap.
The game master decides when the character come into play and where. And simultaneously inform the players that this character are in play.
Once on the board, this character plays as normal.
This character will move around and only be visible in line of sight.
Of curse only the game master will know where this character is at any time. Maybe use a sheet and take notes. Not sure if that is necessary when it come to the awaken monsters. I might just make them visible while they walk towards the heroes. Maybe awaken monsters should have reduced points in some form, attack, defense etc.
Does anyone have any thoughts on this ? Anything that can be done differently ?

Re: Wake up the dead

PostPosted: Wednesday January 26th, 2022 9:13pm
by tallyho
Thanks to Ye Old Inn i was able to make these

Re: Wake up the dead

PostPosted: Thursday January 27th, 2022 3:10am
by Anderas
The evil Necromancer! Love it.
Make sure to make a quest for this that has long open runways, so he can get away from the heroes a few times. Or directly load a graveyard from HeroicMaps. This map could perfectly cover half of the heroquest game board. Or you use something more open, like a Town Map. I think there are even one or two here on YeOldeInn for free.

If you want to balance this guy, you could give him "Raise the dead" and 5 or 6 tokens for that. So that he is exhausted after some time. That's a way you could adapt him to beginner groups or fully equipped groups, too.

Re: Wake up the dead

PostPosted: Thursday January 27th, 2022 6:25am
by tallyho
Tokens, that's a good idea for fully equipped groups. And thanks for the map tips. :) Heroic Maps: Graveyard & Catacombs looks great.
I see that in a small dungeon he will be revealed quickly. But the idea of this is to torment the heroes if only for a little while. The heroes must think tactically with regard to this problem. Maybe split up into groups, which is never good in a maze. Becomes a challenge for the game master, how to keep this character alive as long as possible. With a little luck with the dice, this can be a nuisance for the heroes.
Did some upgrade. Added a Mist card, and changed some text.