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Dragon Strike Monster conversions

Discuss the creation of new Monsters and share Monsters you've created.

Dragon Strike Monster conversions

Postby Kurgan » Saturday July 20th, 2019 2:25pm

So like many of you, I've examined this game despite not owning or play-testing this HQ clone from TSR and thought, "what the heck" here's some inspiration for a few new monsters. |_P

I really think Hero Quest seems like the superior game overall, and the miniatures in general are higher quality in HQ, though the two are compatible looking with the familiar square bases.

I ordered a couple off of Ebay for laughs (will require some repairs).

Here are the conversions I came up with, using the chart provided by Mortis the Lost over on this other forum.

Some tweaking may be necessary for the Heroes, as they come out with some wild, over-powered stats in some areas, but the monsters were pretty decent I thought, as bosses, mostly.
The manscorpion, dragon, evil wizard, and fire elemental are red. The orcs and trolls are a blue-green color. The rest of the monsters are gray, and the heroes are purple! The monster cards show painted miniatures (different from the actual plastic miniatures).

Dragon (Darkfyre)

Move: 10 (flies)
Attack: 4, 4, 5 (claw, claw, bite) OR fire breath
Defend: 10
Body: 8
Mind: 6

The Dragon is supposed to be a super boss that appears on the 21st turn of each adventure (quest). If they heroes kill the dragon, apparently, they win, though.
The "multiple attacks" thing is supposed to be against a single target (!). In Dragon Strike attacking diagonally is no problem. Like the Manscorpion, he takes up multiple squares. The rules for movement state that the "head" of the creature leads when moving and the body swivels into place afterward (as long as there is room for him, he can move there).

Fire breath goes 2-3 squares ahead and then explodes, attacking all adjacent squares. anyone occupying any
of these squares takes 2 body points of damage, but may roll 1 red die, and if it is a 5 or 6 they may reduce the damage by 1 point. walls stop the path of the flame completely.

flight just means the Dragon can pass through Heroes on every turn, but must land on an unoccupied square.


Move: 6
Attack: 3, 3, 4 (sword, sword, stinger)
Defend: 9
Body: 5
Mind: 4

Fire Elemental (of Chaos!)

Move: 8
Attack: 5 (flame)
Defend: 7
Body: 5
Mind: 6

only affected by magic (alchemy) based attacks (spells, weapons, potions, or artifacts), immune to all fire based attacks


Move: 2 (the conversion tables would make it 0, so he couldn't move, so I left it at 2!)
Attack: 3 (single bladed battle axe)
Defend: 7
Body: 2
Mind: 2-3

Death Knight

Move: 6
Attack: 3 (scythe)
Defend: 7
Body: 2
Mind: 0

The conversion tables would give him 4-5 mind points, but he's clearly meant to be undead, so I gave him 0 Mind. If his attack does damage, it paralyzes a Hero for one turn. Unclear exact effects of paralysis (sleep means they can't move, attack or defend themselves, this may merely hinder movement and possibly attack).

Orc (Orc Knight?)

Move: 8
Attack: 3, 3 (sword or crossbow, ranged)
Defend: 6
Body: 1
Mind: 2-3

The miniature shows him holding both weapons, so he has a choice.


Move: 10
Attack: 4, 5 (fist or boulder, ranged)
Defend: 9
Body: 6
Mind: 2-3

The miniature shows one boulder in his hand. Your choice if he gets infinite boulders or just one!


Move: 8
Attack: 4 (bite)
Defend: 8
Body: 3
Mind: 2-3

Regenerates 1 lost Body Point automatically every turn,doesn't count as an action (can't heal from death!). Every incarnation of a troll used for Hero Quest always seems to be unable to heal from fire damage, so that could be used here too. This seems like the type of "wild troll" that has the big teeth, as opposed to the type that wears clothing and carries weapons.


Move: 12 (flies)
Attack: 3, 3 (claw, claw)
Defend: 6
Body: 3
Mind: 4

Evil Wizard (Taraptus)

Move: 8
Attack: 3 (dagger)
Defend: 7
Body: 4
Mind: 6
6 (secret) spells

Dimension Door (teleport to square you can see)

Stoneskin (defend with 9 for the rest of the quest)

Lighting bolt (like firestorm but in a straight line, 2 damage, red roll of 5/6 to reduce damage by one point)

Vampire Touch (steal 1 body from adjacent hero to heal yourself, victim gets 1 red die for each of his mind points roll to resist)

Cancellation (force target Hero to discard one Artifact or Treasure card, unless they roll 1 red die for each of
their mind points). you pick the card.

Fly (levitate in the air, move up to 12 squares. you can land any time or remain "hovering" at the end of your move, meaning only ranged weapons, spells and flying opponents can strike you). Lasts 4 turns.

Teleport (same as Dimension Door, except it works against a Hero, who can roll 1 red die for each of his mind
points to resist). I assume the intention was to be any square the Evil Wizard can see, as opposed to any square the victim can see.

True Seeing (can see all invisible opponents and ignore darkness spell effects for the rest of the quest).

Ice Storm (affects one square you can see and every adjacent square to it. everyone in those squares takes 2 damage, then rolls 1 red die to reduce damage by one point).

Dispel Magic (all spell effects in the room instantly cease, magical weapons or artifacts stop working but will
work again outside the room).

I like how the game instructs you to show many of the spell cards to the heroes then put it behind the game screen, as if to gloat over your increase in power. :twisted:
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Re: Dragon Strike Monster conversions

Postby Malcadon » Saturday August 22nd, 2020 3:34pm

Nice work. |_P

Years ago, I converted the DS monsters to HQ. Use them as you with. Here are my notes:

Initially I treated DS Orcs as HQ Goblins with hand-crossbows that can do 1 Attack Dice, but I converted my HQ minies to hold different weapons in their hands, so I had to make them a new type of monster. I renamed DS Orcs into Hobgoblins the DS Bugbear into Beastmen, and the HQ Gargoyle into Chaos Demon (I will add its stats so no one would have to ask). I do not use the Manscorpion, as it always looked ugly, preferring instead the Manticore (and another I should add) from Dark World. Most of the monsters presented here are really tough, and should be used sparingly and seldom in the same quest.

Save for Movement and Body Points, which are "as is", I did not use a hard formula for conversion. It was mostly how they relate to HQ monsters, and what weapons they use. Although Dragon Strike likes to use a lot of multi-attack monsters, I try to avoid that when at all possible to speed-up combat. I gave the Manscorpion to beef-up its primary attack (poison damage in my rules are nasty!). I assume that a monster with a D&D-styled "claw/claw/bite" attack set is good enough to be treated as a single attack -- basically a "pounce" attack.

Before I go further, I should note how I handle resistance rolls used in magic, as they are thrown in my notes. To allow for more dice to be rolled, I use Combat Dice to resist spell-effects instead of Red Dice. For mind-effecting spells like Cloud of Chaos, Command, Fear and Sleep, the target rolls one Combat Die for each point of Mind Points, and rolling a single Black Shield brakes a spell's effect. For attack spells like Ball of Flames, Fire of Wrath, and Firestorm, the target rolls one's base Defense Dice (2 for Heroes, or as noted on the monster card) with each White Shield negating one point of damage. The math is the same.

Converted Dragon Strike monster stats:

Monster Movement Attack Dice Defense Dice Body Points Mind Points Special Rules
Hobgoblin 10 2 1 1 2 Range Attack 1
Beastman 6 3 3 2 3 Weapon-Use
Death Knight 4 4 3 2 0 Undead
Troll 6 4 4 3 2 Regenerate 1
Gargoyle 10 3 4 3 4 Fly
Evil Wizard 6 1 2 4 6 Diagonal Attack; Spellcasting 6
Manscorpion 8 3/3 5 5 4 Large; Two Attacks; Poison Stinger 2
Fire Elemental 6 5 3 5 0 Made of Fire; Immune to Fire Spells; Immune to Normal Weapons
Giant 8 5 5 6 1 Large; Ranged Attack 4
Dragon 12 6 6 8 6 Large; Fly; Two Attacks; Fire Breath
Chaos Demon 6 4/4 5 3 4 Large; Fly; Two Attacks; Immune to Fire Spells
Manticore 6 5 4 6 3 Large; Fly; Poison Stinger 3

Here are the Special Rules I use for them:

Weapon-Use: Monster is assumed to be holding a simple hand weapon. The Evil Wizard Player can freely replace it's default hand weapon with another weapon from the Armory, including a shield (if not given a two-handed weapon). Monster weapons are too crude (or corrupted by evil magic) for the Heroes use. (This is normal for all my Goblins, Orcs and Fimir, as well as the "Beastmen", but not the "Hobgobions" as their fists are too small for conversion.)
Large: Blocks all movement, friend or foe. Can attack, or be attacked on all sides, if base is two spaces long or wide. Is large enough to attack diagonally.
Small: May move past enemy figures if they are threatened by adjacent (or diagonal) opponents. Can move freely under large figures, friend or foe. Gets 2 extra Defense Dice when attacked by large enemy.
Diagonal Attack: Monster’s attack is long enough to attack opponents diagonal to it.
Ranged Attack X: Monster can ether attack with a normal adjacent strike (as Attack Dice), or use ranged weapon. (“X” notes Attack Dice used by weapon.)
Poison Attack: Normal attack inflicts Poison damage.
Poison Stinger X: Can ether attack with a normal adjacent strike (as Attack Dice), or use a Stinger that inflicts Poison damage. (“X” notes Attack Dice used by stinger.)
Poison Damage: Special damage that can only be treated with Anti-Poison Quill or Venom Antidote.
Paralyzes: A successful attack can make the target unable to move, defend or preform any action for one turn unless the paralyzed victim can resist the effect. To resist, roll Combat Dice equal to the victim’s Mind Points. A single White Shield rolled will dispel the effect.
Fly: The monster can move over open floors, difficult ground, furniture, non-flying monsters and Heroes (but cannot stop above any figure or furniture), as long as the monster is outside or in a tall room. (Evil Wizard Player or the Quest notes can rule as to what room counts as "tall" or not)
Immune to Fire Spell: Monster cannot take damage from Ball of Flames, Fire of Wrath, or Firestorm.
Immune to Normal Weapons: Monster cannot take damage from normal, non-magical weapons. Can only be harmed by Artifact weapons and attack spells.
Made of Fire: Monster is vulnerable to Air Spells. All Air Spells maybe used on the monster. Swift Wind is treated as if hit with Ball of Flames (ignoring Fire Immunity). Tempest is treated as Fire of Wrath. Genie kills the monster out right.
Two Attacks: The monster can ether attack a single adjacent target with two attacks, or two adjacent targets with one attack each.
Fire Breath: It can ether attack with a normal adjacent strike (as Attack Dice), or target a figure within sight of the monster to take 3 Body Points of damage. The target rolls 3 Combat Dice, with each White Shield rolled negating a point of damage. Anyone adjacent and diagonal to the target, friend or foe, take 2 Body Points of damage. Each target rolls 2 Combat Dice, with each White Shield rolled negating a point of damage.
Regenerate X: Monster can recover lost Body Points on its turn. (“X” notes the amount of Body Points recovered per turn.) No action required. Cannot “recover” beyond monster’s Body Point score. Monster will die at zero Body Points. Fire damage cannot be regenerated.
Spellcasting X: Monster knows how to wield Chaos Magic! The monster knows a set number of Chaos Spells (noted by “X”) and can cast a spell as an action. Some monsters have specific spell cards or special set of spells.
Undead: Non-living corpse or specter raised or summoned by dark magic. being mindless, it is immune to mind-effecting spells like Sleep. Being dead, it is immune to poison damage and nromal healing effects. Being unholy abominations, it can be harmed by Holy Water.

New Chaso Spells

• Dispell Magic: Nigates spell and artifact effects in the same room as the caster.
• Phantom Walk:(as Dimention Door)
• Flight: As Fly, but last as
• Haste: Make two movemenet and reform two actions, for one trun.
• Ice Storm: (as is, but damage resistance is like Ball of Flames, but treated as a cold attack)
• Stoneskin: (as HQ Stoneskin)
• True Seeing: Nigates Veil of Mist and anyother "invisabiliy" spell.
• Vampiric Touch:

(Cancellation, Fire Ball, Lightning Bolt, and Teleport are not needed as there are already spells avalible in the core box set: Rust, Ball of Flames and Lightning Bolt.)

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Re: Dragon Strike Monster conversions

Postby KaleighZamora » Thursday June 2nd, 2022 6:42pm

Dragons in this game have always been the strongest characters
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Re: Dragon Strike Monster conversions

Postby KellyReilly » Thursday June 2nd, 2022 7:05pm

Dragon Quest was a board game in my childhood. Back then, my dad and I loved cosplay and bought Dragon Quest t-shirts to make it seem more realistic. Now I play the game online with my kid, and our clan periodically comes out to a meeting to discuss the latest. To be different, to occupy yourself in your free time and possibly to become popular, and at the same time earn some income is the reason that all these factors are inherent to young Chinese people. And we really liked dragon plush toys and tried to collect them to show the collections at the festival.
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