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Headless Horseman

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Headless Horseman

Postby torilen » Wednesday October 18th, 2017 8:45pm

This is from my new Questing Heroes Halloween Supplement for 2017. I've converted it to Heroquest as much as possible for you.
Enjoy. :D

Markus Braam
Headless Horseman (Corporeal Undead)
SEARCH: 4 dice
MOVE: 30ft/6 spaces (walk)
ATTACK: 2 dice (fists x2) or 3 dice (long sword) or 1 die (rapier)
DEFENSE: 6 dice (Masterwork Leather Armor and Leather Gauntlets)
If attacking with fists, Markus must roll white shields to be successful. When using weapons, Markus has the
ability to make an attack with both his long sword and his rapier during one turn, if he chooses. If he does
not use the rapier for attacking, he can, instead, use that 1 die for defense.

Markus’ rapier, when used for an attack, allows him to reroll that attack once, if he chooses.

Markus’ Masterwork Leather Armor allows him to roll skulls instead of white shields.

Markus is a corporeal being, with a physical body, but holds a curse similar to that of a Ghost. While he can be
injured by physical attacks, the weapons must still be special weapons. Any magical weapon can injure Markus,
as will any silver or cold-iron weapon. Plain steel, Mithril, or any non-magical material will not harm him; the
attacks simply glance away from him, as if there is an invisible magical field covering his physical being.
Magic will injure Markus, as well.

Markus Braam was a cavalry soldier in the military. His unit was involved in a raid against a neighboring kingdom
during a minor war between the two kingdoms. Unfortunately, the people they raided included a powerful Servant
of an opposing god, a priest the spies from Markus’ kingdom did not know about. Markus’ unit was wiped out, but
Markus was brought back to life by the priest so he could be questioned.

Once the priest was done with him, soldiers from the neighboring kingdom removed Markus’ head and buried him in
a hole along with his horse, which they had murdered, as well. Four nights later, under
a new moon, Markus arose as an angry and vengeful undead (much like an angry ghost). The energies of his hatred
that brought him back were strong enough to raise his horse, as well.

That night, Markus killed all of the soldiers left alive from the raid, leaving only the priest alive. Being that he did
not have a head any longer, Markus could not give any verbal message to the priest. The priest, however, surely got
the point. While standing in front of the kneeling priest, the sword at his neck, Markus motioned toward the destruction,
then drew the priest's attention to the headless neck at Markus' shoulders.
Now, Markus rides through all of the kingdoms and regions around his home kingdom, seeking out priests and followers
of that same opposing god which the priest served. When he find these individuals, he hunts them down and kills them.

Markus Braam is known and recognized by almost all of those living in this region now. Aside from the headless body, Markus'
horse is midnight black, with deep, black eyes that draw in light. When the horse whinnies or snorts, the sound reverberates
and seems to echo through the air. Markus himself is still dressed in the shiny black leather armor he wore when he died,
along with his flowing black cape and shiny black leather gauntlets. His long sword hangs on his right hip, his rapier on his left.

* * * * * * * *

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Re: Headless Horseman

Postby Daedalus » Monday February 12th, 2018 9:44pm

Neat write-up. I love to play Ravenloft on Halloween when possible.

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