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Character Special Abilities for the New Heroes

PostPosted: Sunday July 3rd, 2022 4:08pm
by WiseOne
Hello Everyone!

So we have played the new Druid, Bard and Warlock and have created some advanced abilities for them. We now also have a more formal system for leveling up. While no gold is required there is a required number of quests to be completed.
Depending on how long the quest packs the number can be adjusted. The new system is as follows:

0 Quests - Receive any modifications to the base hero. For example alternative spell sets, equipment, etc.
7 Quests - Receive the first ability.
3 Quest Packs - Receive the second ability. Following the normal route this would be after Base, Kellar's Keep, and Return of the Witch Lord.
5 Quest Packs - Receive the third ability. Following the normal route, this would be after Base, Kellar's Keep, Return of the Witch Lord, and Against the Ogre Horde.
8 Quest Packs - Receive the fourth ability.
9 Quest Packs - If using the rule for 2 Legendary Abilities such as from Phoenix, receive the final one.
100 Quests - Character at Max Level. Time to start anew!

In regards to our playtests. We found by purchasing a more classic bard figure and thinking of the character more like Bard's Tale he fit very well in the theme of the game. Many of the abilities I chose came from a Dragon Magazine Dungeon! bard which is even more of a dungeon crawl. The druid also played well and I used some of my old abilities I had used for druids and some new ones. The warlock was a challenge. We replaced the wizard and he never really fit in. Everything about him screamed he should not be with the party. We purchased a classic necromancer/warlock type figure but even still, he was out of place. I tried to give some abilities to make him a little more party friendly. I've also created some abilities for the Knight though we never played it.

Entrancement Song – Once per quest may ignore a wandering monster drawn by you or another hero in the same room
Counter Song – Resists spells on one additional number (4, 5, and 6 if 5/6) or (5 and 6 if just a 6)
Combat Song – Once per quest, until you can no longer see a monster, all heroes attack and defend with the highest number of combat dice between them
Lute Hero – If you roll two white shields on Defend Dice, gain back one of your Bard Spells. Each spell may only be gotten back once in this way per quest.

Pentangle – Once per quest you create a magical pentangle that covers one square. Heroes may freely move through and onto the square. If any hero is attacked by a monster or damaging spell while standing on the square, the pentangle is attacked first. It defends with 6 defense dice and has 2 body points (as a Wall of Stone). Any excess skulls carry over to the hero. You may regain this spell once at the cost of a Mind Point.
Terror – Once per quest may cast the Fear spell from the Necromancer list (WOZ/WOM)
Power of the Pit - +1 Attack Die When in Demonform (2 total)
Sinister Curse – Once per quest may redirect a Chaos spell or attack from a monster at any other figure, including itself. It cannot defend.

Warp Wood – Once per quest may move one piece of furniture anywhere in the same room.
Faerie Glade – Once per quest my regain Pixie by spending one turn alone in a room
Adaptability – You may climb over furniture when moving while in Shapeshift form.
Life Guardian – Allies in line of sight may roll twice and take the better result when dodging traps or avoiding the effects of spells or reducing damage from spells.

I Got Your Back – You may use Shield Block a second time.
Inspiring Challenge – When you use Knight’s Challenge – the original treasure seeker can take another action.
In Shining Armor - +1 DD in Metal Armor
Chivalry Isn't Dead: You may use Stalwart an additional time and it restores Heroes to 2 BP instead of 1.

Enjoy your day everyone!

Re: Character Special Abilities for the New Heroes

PostPosted: Sunday July 3rd, 2022 4:47pm
by Kurgan
Interesting stuff! Playing a lot of quests with the same group is a challenge these days, but I am always intrigued to hear ideas like this. Thanks for sharing...