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Eudoxio's Hero collection for HQ2021

PostPosted: Thursday February 10th, 2022 6:12pm
by Eudoxio
Ive been working on some new collections and heroes for the 2021 HQ release

Vox Machina TV show and Campaign fanart versions

The Mighty Nein fanart version

Bell's Hells + EXU official art version

D&D 80's Cartoon TV show

Disenchantment TV Show

Monty Python and the Holy Grial Card Collection

[NEW] Gargoyles TV Show

And two new hero homebrew classes

The Amazon, a homebrew class based on the new hero classes bard/druid/warlock/knight, that has 3 own spells with a spend potion mechanic.

The Ranger, a homebrew class based on long range combat, includes 4 skills, 2 weapons, 1 weapon add, and 1 artifact weapon.

I'll add a couple more new character collections on the works in time :)

Been doing some game mechanic research, and my thoughts are on the next graph.
Do you think this is a good way to balance the creation of new characters according to this values?
You think the values are right? I would like to hear your thoughts :)

The Base Game column means:
X = same character as the original game.
/ = Homebrew. Weapon are 2 daggers that can act as 1 weapon for attacks. Can get up to 3 daggers for an attack of 3 dice.
6 dread sp = Homebrew. When making the character, Laudna should take 6 random dread spells (discard summon orcs and summon undead), instead of using regular spells, and write them on the character sheet. This can be used per quest or per campaign, at GM's discretion. This spells are used against the monsters usually reverting what the card text says. And can be used once per quest.

Re: Eudoxio's Hero collection for HQ2021

PostPosted: Friday February 11th, 2022 7:41am
by Luzbel

Re: Eudoxio's Hero collection for HQ2021

PostPosted: Friday February 11th, 2022 1:16pm
by Kurgan
Impressive work... welcome to the forums! Also welcome Luzbel!

I don't follow critical roll and know next to nothing about D&D proper, but I do remember watching the old cartoon. ;)

Pretty sure I remember Tiamat being "invincible." But this is a little more fair for the game... you could say she just escaped and healed for a future encounter I suppose.

Loved Golden Axe, of course (arcade & sega genesis!).