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Hero's Reputation

PostPosted: Thursday March 9th, 2023 2:47am
by burglekutt
Introducing a +10/-10 "Reputation" bar for the Hero's has fascinated some of us for years & this "Darklight " list ... Public.pdf
is perfect if you augment it to suit Hero Quest rules.
These rolls are as quick as possible & tells you how bad or good things went for you in town before your quest.
No role-playing is involved & takes only a couple minutes per player to resolve.

Yes you can gain & lose Reputation in town through your actions on the DarkLight list, but Reputation can also be lost & gained during quests with an Encounter Card.

First you need an NPC scribe /townsfolk (no figure) that follows the Hero's & records their deeds. He is invisible & interacts with no one.

Then you replace One Wondering Monster treasure Card with a "Encounter Card" situation that the Hero's might face during a quest.

The Encounter Card will have six situations one of which the heros must resolve.
Roll 1d6 to see what you face.
1= Bandits bad
2 = Goblin Hookers bad
3 = Brawler Demon bad
4 = Angry Mob
5 = Captives
6 = Obese Hero

This encounter is dealt with socially so you'll need to roll 6's :blackshield: with MindPoints to succeed.
All Heros in the room have the opportunity to add their 6's :blackshield: to the roll before Zargons turn (cumulative roll).
The more 6's :blackshield: one or more Heros roll, the better the Encounters outcome will be.

For every positive +2 reputation you have, you can reroll all your MPoint Dice when dealing with Angry Mob, Obese Hero or other "good guys".
Every negative -2 reputation you have, lets you reroll all your MPoint Dice when dealing with Bandits, Goblin Hookers or other "badguys".
I don't see why Hero's with negative Reputation should have less a chance at being helpful.

Here are the Encounters I came up with.

2Att, 3Def, 2BP, 3MP, 7Move. Each.
Two Bandits( Steve Buscemi, Peter Stormare /Fargo)(use two figures) offer to sell you a valued Hostage for 100g. Eloquently negotiation the hostages freedom.

Roll 6's :blackshield: with MindPoints .
All Heros in the room may assist in the negotiation before the Bandits turn.

ZERO 6's :blackshield:
Offended you would write them a personal check, they kill the Hostage & attack you!
ONE 6 :blackshield:
You give them 20g & find out the Hostage is a mannequin. The Bandits laugh as they run away. -1 Rep to each Hero in the room.
TWO 6's :blackshield:
You haggle the price down to 10g.
THREE 6's :blackshield:
You get the Hostage for free & convince them to help you clear the next room.
Save the Hostage +1Rep for two Hero's.

The Barbarian(-3 Rep) & Wizard(+5 Rep) are searching for treasure & pull an "Encounter Card". They roll a 1 on the 1D6, Bandits!.
Both roll their MindPoints & the Wizard scores only one 6 :blackshield: .
The Barbarian rolls zero 6's :blackshield: but his low Rep allows him to reroll his MPoints once & he scores one 6 :blackshield: .
With two success, they win the Hostage for $10g & both gain +1Rep.
The Barbarian twice rolls NO :blackshield:'s (despite his low Rep). The Elf rolls ONE :blackshield:. The Wizard comes running in to the room & rolls TWO :blackshield:'s. With 3 successes the Hero's save the Hostage & the Bandits agree to help clear the next room.

It's that easy!

"Cowl of Corruption"
Put this on to gain negative -4 reputation when dealing with badguys.
"Medal of Honor"
Put this on to gain positive +4 reputation when dealing with goodguys.

A hand full of scared, unarmed Goblin hookers lead by (Ursula, The little Mermaid) come out of hiding( no figure). Win their hearts & convince them to change their lives.

Roll 6's :blackshield: with MPoints.
All Heros in the room may assist the conversion before the Hookers next turn.

ZERO 6's
You empathize so greatly with their plight that two Hero's attack each other once while crying sadly. Both Hero's defend normally.
ONE 6 :blackshield:
Sharing stories you forget your self & have sexual relations with the hookers. -1 Rep to each Hero in the room.
TWO 6's :blackshield:
You give them 10g for new cloths & they agree to change their lives.
THREE 6's :blackshield:
They hug you & agree to help you in the next room & then change their lives.
Outcome: :blackshield:
If the hookers change their lives +1Rep for two Hero's.

If the hookers help you, they lead the way to the next room & open the door.. All Green Skins that see the Hookers roll their Defense, they need one :blackshield: or they drop their armor, get naked & ready to party. They now have -1Def each.

A Demon of Brawling ( no figure) appears & wants to test his monsters against you in an honorable fist fight.

Barbarian, Dwarf= 3Att/Def vs
Fimir/Mummy= 3Att/Def.

Elf/Rogue= 2Att/Def vs
Orc/Zombie= 2Att/Def.

Wizard/Hobbit= 1Att/Def vs
Goblin/Skeleton= 1Att/Def.

The Hero's & monsters have only ONE BodyPoint (to make this quick) & both use WhiteShields to defend so it's a fair fight (pure luck).
A BodyPoint can take 4 Skulls worth of damage before it is lost.
After the fight, all stats return to normal.

If all or three Hero's WIN, all Hero's gain +1Rep & the Brawler Demon respectfully loans you a infamous "Claymore" 4Att (diagonal) that disappears at end of the quest.

If all or three heros LOSE, all Hero's lose -1Rep the Brawler Demon punches the Hero in the face with the most Rep doing 1pt of Damage.

If it's a DRAW, the Hero who drew the card loses -2Rep.

NEW ARTIFACT: Brassknuckles
Reroll one AttDie.

Re: Hero's Reputation

PostPosted: Saturday March 11th, 2023 12:56am
by burglekutt
Here's some more"Encounters."

ANGRY MOB: Encounter.
2Att, 1Def, 6BP, 2MP, 4Move.
They can attack all adjacent squares (use one figure) once a turn, even diagonally no matter how many BPs they have.

A dozen angry townsfolk( lead by Jack Nicholson/Hoffa) armed with pitforks & protest signs demand you watch their backs while they take their revenge on the monsters in the next room. Convince them you're all for it!

Roll 6's :blackshield: with MPoints. All Heros in the room may assist the inspirational speech you give before the Mobs turn.

ZERO 6 :blackshield:'s
You down play their troubles & they attack you!
ONE 6 :blackshield:
Your speech sucks. They call you cowards & move on without you. Two Hero's lose -1Rep each.
TWO 6's :blackshield:
You agree to watch their back till they lose 4 BPs.
THREE 6's :blackshield:
You agree to watch their back till they lose 2 BP.
If they die by your hand or while you're protecting them, lose -1Rep from two Hero's. If they go home happy, +1Rep for two Hero's.

Heros being attacked by the Mob may move through the Townsfolk(you Defend) & run from them which might end up being a hilarious motivation to keep the Heros moving! You can also lead them in to monsters or traps to die.

CAPTIVES: Treasure Card
1BP, 1MP, 3Move.
Ten Captive( use one figure) townsfolk( lead by Marshall Applewhite/ Heavens Gate) with Stockholm syndrome are about to sacrifice themselves to Zargon. Convince them they're wrong & to go home.

Roll 6's :blackshield: with MPoints.
All Heros in the room may assist in the deprograming lecture you give before the Captives turn.

ZERO 6's :blackshield:
Frightening them, they run & alert the monsters in the next three rooms!
ONE 6 :blackshield:
You depress them further & they kill themselves. -1 rep for two Hero's.
TWO 6's :blackshield:
You convince Marshall into taking them home.
THREE 6's :blackshield:
Appreciative, they expose all monsters, furniture & doors in the next room & then go home.
If they go home, two heros gain +1 Rep. If they die by your hand -1 Rep from two Hero's.

Captives that run from you(use one figure) can't Move through or attack you so can be held back with no effort, but will alert each next room if they get past you.
They can be killed by funneling them into traps though as they look for the most convenient route around you.

Re: Hero's Reputation

PostPosted: Wednesday March 15th, 2023 1:30am
by Anderas
Sounds interesting enough. What do you do with your reputation afterwards?

I would totally expect that killing the goblins wouldn't damage my reputation

Re: Hero's Reputation

PostPosted: Wednesday March 15th, 2023 1:03pm
by burglekutt
Sounds interesting enough. What do you do with your reputation afterwards?
There are three neighborhoods in every DarkLight town where you are forced to spend time according to your Rep.

UPPER CLASS: +5 to +10 Rep.
Bad rolls are regular.
MIDDLE CLASS: -4 to +4 Rep.
Bad rolls are twice as bad.
LOW CLASS: -10 to -5 Rep.
Bad rolls are three times worse.

There are twelve DarkLight towns you RANDOMLY visit between quests (roll 2D6) to see which town you're in & your town Rep can add to or take away from your personal Rep when deciding what neighborhood you spend time in.

This way a Hero who has positive +5 Rep, but in this particular town has pissed ppl off (negative -1), will cause his property/assets & activities to now take place in the MiddleClass neighborhood instead of the UpperClass when making rolls in this town.

Zargon will keep track of what reputation each player has in each of these twelve towns.
I would totally expect that killing the goblins wouldn't damage my reputation
I will need to make the "badguys" Encounters sympathetic in some way so that killing them could hurt your Rep.

Re: Hero's Reputation

PostPosted: Friday March 17th, 2023 1:22pm
by Anderas
When I was thinking about that idea, I rapidly found out that good reputation may be bad for some things, for example if you want to buy poison for your weapon you'd rather want a bad reputation so that you're not cross with the evil parts of the population.

Then I thought it might be cool to have reputation with enemy parties, for example different religions or different noble houses.

Then I developed around six reputations. Then I stopped and put it all in the bin. Why?

A test game resulted in more town gaming than dungeon crawling. That wasn't the goal at all.

Heroquest is supposed to be the fast food among miniature fight games as well as role play games. It didn't fit anymore in either category with a too complicated system of reputation. So I would lose every normal HQ player if I used it. So. Out it did go.

Re: Hero's Reputation

PostPosted: Friday March 17th, 2023 5:26pm
by burglekutt
Lol I yeah I did the same thing trying to have Reps with different Classes, Races etc. The Thief being the only one able to buy poisons, it did get complicated!

Re: Hero's Reputation

PostPosted: Saturday April 29th, 2023 7:34pm
by burglekutt
Finally came up with another "Encounter " card. Would love more scenarios for my Heros to deal with, thanks!

OBESE HERO: Encounter.
1Att, 0DEF, 8BP, 1MP, 3Move.
You find(Ben Stiller/Dodgeball) an obese naked adventurer surrounded by the world's best foods & an evil spell caused him to gorge these last few months & lose all hope. Convince him to stop eating & regain his honor.

Roll 6's :blackshield: with MindPoints.
All Heros in the room may assist in the intervention.

ZERO 6's :blackshield:
Angry that you tried to take his hamburger, he attacks you!
ONE 6 :blackshield:
You sit & start eating too. Lose -1 rep for two Hero's.
TWO 6's :blackshield:
Dropping the burger, he agrees to return healthy & continue his quest.
THREE 6's :blackshield:
He finds his worth & agrees to help you fight till he dies. (His figure is always ahead of you when entering a room).
If he stops eating, +1Rep to two Hero's.

If he dies by your hand or you anger him, he will attack any monster in sight first, then you. -1Rep to two Hero's.

1Att, 0Def, 4BP, 1MP, 7Move
A pious sexslave wearing a gimp outfit (The Gimp/Pulp Fiction) is flogging himself because he lost the map he made of this dungeon.
Convince him to make a new one.