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Re: Dungeon Encounter cards - A solo / Coop mod

PostPosted: Sunday December 27th, 2020 9:32am
by Maike05
Here is a quick update and a new design.
Carte Rencontre HQ - Skavens - 01 .png

On the above encounter card, 1 player would face a skaven warriors, 2 players would fight a skaven warrior accompanied by 2 skaven crossbowmen, 3 players would be attacked by a swarm of 4 giant rats and 4 players would battle a Shaman, 2 warriors and an Ogre.

Here is what has changed :
-Normalized all colors to brown: no more black together with brown lines
-The reward box has been removed. It will be replaced by either a Loot deck as suggested by QorDaq (can also be a loot table to your taste).
-The 1-2-3-4 player boxes have been resized to fit the card.
-Added 'ENCOUNTER' text on the bottom as in original HQ card design.
-Filtered through HeroScribe's icons to find a selection of good looking monster icons. As mentionned in the early introductory message, I plan to have support for all base monsters (greenskins, undead, chaos). I added support for range monsters and spellcasters.

I made an alternative classical Brown & White EU design as well:
Carte Rencontre HQ - Skavens - 10 - classic.png

If there is enough demand, I'll try to come up with an original US design as well :)

Here is what is not yet implemented:
-Encounter's difficulty rating system - see below current thoughs / ideas
-Each card should have a unique reference number / identifier
-Card back illustration

If you guys have good ideas - feel free to share them !

Regarding the encounter's difficulty rating system, I'm currently pondering the following ideas:
-Use star rating icons: It is very visual but takes more space. If I use this, it could be placed instead of the 'ENCOUNTER' text.
-Use a WIFI like rating icons: takes less space but does not fit in a fantasy setting
-Use a risk scoring gauge: takes little space and can easily tailored to a fantasy design. It could be placed on the top right corner.
-Maybe don't use an icon system at all (the card is maybe already too crowded ?), but give each card a unique reference - see below

Which one do you think would be most appropriate ? Do you think it is even necessary at all ? What do you think should be the proportion of easy - medium - difficult encounters in the deck ? I have not made proportion rules yet, but I feel I should.

About the unique reference number / identifier, I think the reference number should have : Monster Group - Encounter Level - Number
- A potential design option could for instance be : Eg: EG01 (Encounter Greenskins, EU02 (Encounter Undead), ES05 (Encounter Skaven)
- We could also simply modify the 'ENCOUNTER' text - 'ENCOUNTER - LEVEL 1'

About the card back illustration, I think someone mentionned we could use the wandering monster illustration. I think this is the best idea since it stay true to the original. What do you guys think? :)

Re: Dungeon Encounter cards - A solo / Coop mod

PostPosted: Friday February 11th, 2022 1:13am
by Daedalus
Great project, Maike05! In answer to a couple of your questions, I feel the difficulty guage would look best at the bottom. ENCOUNTER isn't so necessary since the back of the card already identifies them. I'd suggest using 1-3 black shields instead of stars.
1 :blackshield: =easy, :blackshield: :blackshield: = moderate, :blackshield: :blackshield: :blackshield: = hard.

For the proportion of card difficulty, I think 2 :blackshield: : 3 :blackshield: :blackshield: : 1 :blackshield: :blackshield: :blackshield: would work. For the base green, white, and gray monster groups combined, you would then have 6 :blackshield: : 9 :blackshield: :blackshield: : 3 :blackshield: :blackshield: :blackshield:, or 18 cards.