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Best Card Stock for Additions/Reproductions

Discuss card making and cards you have made.

Best Card Stock for Additions/Reproductions

Postby cx40hero » Monday June 24th, 2019 5:29am

Hi All,

Im not sure if this has been discudssed else where but I was wondering what is the best (closest to original) card stock for printing HQ cards?

Im in the process of treating myself to a new printer and I want to add several additions to my HQ set, a few monsters and the Chaos Spells which we didnt get over here in the UK.

Are there any tips for printing new repro cards to make them look as original as possible?
I want to keep them as close as possible as some of the cards I want to add are additional rewards/traps in the treasure deck and I dont want them to look out of place.
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Re: Best Card Stock for Additions/Reproductions

Postby hightechartist » Sunday August 4th, 2019 6:39pm

I print my own expansions for a lot of games, but it'll probably be pretty hard to make cards that can't be easily told apart from the originals in my opinion because these cards are older and ironically its easier to recreate modern high quality cards than these older ones.
I'm currently preparing all the cards from the core game and all the expansions to be reprinted at printerstudio.com on bridge-sized cards, and then just leave my original GS cards in a sealed bag.
Printerstudio delivers 100% professional quality cards, I've designed my own fan expansions for a number of games and after doing a test print to make sure I match up the colors exactly I'm able to print cards that you absolutely could not tell were fan-created if not for the little "fan expansion" icon I put on them.

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Re: Best Card Stock for Additions/Reproductions

Postby khimbar » Monday August 5th, 2019 8:36am

You'll never match the originals closely enough to not tell the difference.

If it were me, I'd reprint every thing. Then they all match.

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