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Anyone made cards on gamecrafter site?

Discuss card making and cards you have made.

Re: Anyone made cards on gamecrafter site?

Postby whitebeard » Saturday March 31st, 2018 1:21pm

phoenixcinder wrote:
whitebeard wrote:FYI, I printed Bridge cards which have slightly different dimensions than the stock HQ cards. Not sure what size you are ordering which is the same. The width of the card is clearly different. I did not inspect the Diameter of the rounded edges for comparison.

yeah I noticed HQ cards are not a true 2.25 width, they are a touch bit thinner. Height seems to match though. One of the reasons I am redoing the whole lot of them including the base set. 54 artifact cards?? Did you make some up, I have a total of 47 prepped, Time to figure out if I missed any

I use my own artifacts mostly to enhance the wizard spells. I just completed a revision (Thanks mostly to Daedalus). I can repost the PDF with more urgency if you want them. All these spell enhancements are used up if a 1 is rolled on a red die... so the wizard is always working with an incomplete set and looking for more.

My artifacts are here (http://forum.yeoldeinn.com/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=3666&start=0.

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Re: Anyone made cards on gamecrafter site?

Postby Spookyhappyfun » Monday April 2nd, 2018 10:10pm

I love posts about printing cards. One of these days I'm gonna get around to professionally printing some of my own and will use all these threads as reference.
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