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Just A Couple Of New Potions

Discuss card making and cards you have made.

Just A Couple Of New Potions

Postby Gold Bearer » Tuesday October 24th, 2017 6:51am

Based on the US rock skin and how I thought US courage worked when I first read it, you can just delete the price if you want to use them as treasure cards. I'll make US versions of these cards soon.

My full list, some of the standard prices didn't work for me.
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:goblin: 1BP, :orc: 2BP, :fimir: 3BP, :skeleton: 1BP, :zombie: 2BP, :mummy: 3BP, :chaoswarrior: 4BP, :gargoyle: 5BP. US :chaoswarrior: 3BP, US :gargoyle: 4BP.

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