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Re: Parley Cards

PostPosted: Tuesday January 19th, 2021 2:40pm
by tallyho
Thanks. Great stuff

Re: Parley Cards

PostPosted: Wednesday January 26th, 2022 2:30pm
by Daedalus
Kurgan wrote:I forgot to put this in the rules when I printed my cards, so what are people's opinions...?

Should the "Lone Monster" deck for parleying be like the Treasure cards, wherein once discovered, the "good" cards are discarded (write it down on your sheet, don't keep the card, it can be shuffled back in next quest) and the "bad" cards either go to the bottom of the deck or get shuffled back into the stack?

It all started when I added the "Boots of Speed" (+2 to movement from Legacy of Sorasil, in place of either version of Rabbit Boots, as a permanent item) to it for fun. I was really proud of that decision, then then I was thinking more about it...

I think the original intention was to have this be a "secondary treasure deck" of sorts, so I could see that making sense. But I realized one Hero is going to find the Boots of Speed and then nobody else can ever get it (OR potentially they could all get boots of speed every quest (only one pair of boots can be worn at a time, of course), and is there no option to sell it back? you can only wear one pair, right? etc).

I don't want to make it overly complicated. I just see it as a risky, but interesting gambit when you run across a single monster. Most of the time you'll get attacked or just have to fight him anyway, but once in awhile you might get a cool bonus, and I like that idea. Not all of Zargon's minions are diehard loyal cultists, some of them can be bribed or frightened off (at least for the moment)...

Based on the OP, I'd treat it like an alternate Treasure deck: keep good cards for the current Quest and record if needed, return bad cards and shuffle.