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[Artifact] - Wand of Fate

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[Artifact] - Wand of Fate

Postby Phoenix » Thursday April 23rd, 2009 9:14am

A Wizard may use this wand on a Hero or Monster twice per Quest and it will randomly cast one of the following spells:

1) Rock Skin
2) Ball of Flame
3) Firestorm
4) Tempest
5) Water of Healing
6) Rust

I'm not sure if I like twice per Quest of 5 times total. Thoughts?

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Re: [Artifact] - Wand of Fate

Postby drathe » Friday April 24th, 2009 9:58pm

Phoenix wrote:I'm not sure if I like twice per Quest of 5 times total. Thoughts?

Now that is a very good question. Especially since I think this is a cool Artifact (possibly casting Rock Skin on a Monster? Or Ball of Flame on a Comrade? ... Priceless!).

Let's see, twice per Quest with those random possibilities:

Used on a Hero, odds of some thing good are 1 in 3. Used on a Monster, odds of something good (bad for Mr. Fimir) 1 in 3, unless Rust would actually have an affect on a Monster's set attack then 1 in 2. Add in the 1 in 6 chance that it's bad for everyone with Firestorm... I believe a Hero would learn pretty quick not to chance it on themselves or another Hero, but might still try it on Monsters. There would still be a good chance that it would stopped being used altogether as the odds of aiding a Monster is about 50/50.

Five times total:

This would probably ensure that the wand eventually gets used 5 times, even with the odds. It also allows the benefit of having the Heroes discover another Wand of Fate down the road to take some more chances with.

I think I've sold myself on 5 times total. If it ends up being something that doesn't get used as often as you'd prefer, then it will be out of a Heroes inventory in a fairly short amount of time. If it's discovered to be a favourite, one could continuously add it into new quests, thus also allowing another Hero to find and use it as favourites tend not to be shared.

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