Alternative way of getting official jigsaw puzzles!

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Alternative way of getting official jigsaw puzzles!

Postby Skulmar » Thursday April 29th, 2010 2:27am

Fedex Kinko's printing and copying stores would be able to make you a jigsaw puzzle of a picture you brought into them. My sister works for the company and often gives my family jigsaw puzzles of pictures of my two nephews as christmas presents. She gets the puzzles made at the Kinko's store she works at. So I am pretty sure you could bring a picture of the jigsaw puzzles that may be myths and not really exist(Adventure Design Kit, Against The Ogre's Horde) into a Fedex Kinko's store and have them make a puzzle for you that is similar to the the official release puzzles. It wouldn't be the same as having an offical Hero Quest jigsaw puzzle that us collector's are looking for but it can still be a way to add toward your collection. Not sure on how much it would cost though! I'll have to check into that!!!!!

Wrote an article for the Blog.

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