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Re: Hero Quest Sticker Album with stickers

PostPosted: Sunday August 12th, 2018 4:16pm
by Daedalus
benvoliothefirst wrote:Some more thoughts:

Pg. 1: Star of the EAST?!

Maybe he wore it backwards that day. I mean, we're talking a 2-Mind-Point Hero here.

Actually, this may be evidence of an earlier form of the game's narrative. At the end of this post I return to the possibility that a prototype may have been involved in this collaboration. Another alternative detail I plan to use one day is the picture of Borin's Armor without the helmet. Why was a helmet later added in the final game art when it only creates confusion about Defend Dice? :?

benvoliothefirst wrote:Pg. 3: Is this the first time we've seen an image of Loretome?

Depends who you think is depicted on the Information Screen.

benvoliothefirst wrote:Pg. 4: Oh wait, they used "Ladril" as the CONTEMPORARY Elf's name. Weird. Are the other three new inventions for this book? I didn't recognize "Storn, Grungni, Chandra." Interesting that these are portrayed as four separate fetch quests, and then a two-and-two party split towards the end. NEVER SPLIT THE PARTY!

Grungi (relation of Grugni?) had been given as an example name for the Dwarf on p. 6 of the EU Rules of Play. Ladril had been used as the example name for the Elf there, as well.

benvoliothefirst wrote:"The fires of HELL!" Man, kid's entertainment was just more FUN back in the day!

Damn straight . . . and we LIKED IT!

benvoliothefirst wrote:Pg. 9: I'm okay with Loretome being found in something called the "Loretomb!"

By Mentor's beard, that's a good spot.

benvoliothefirst wrote:Pg. 12: Oh, okay, just name the dwarf after an ancestor god!

Demon-Doom is the name that caught my eye. That could make a good artifact against Gargoyles.

benvoliothefirst wrote:Look at Ladril, going to bat for the dwarf's lock-picking skills! Power of FRIENDSHIP!

Hmm--a reference to a locked door. Perhaps the the Dwarf once had this ability. Then "with his keen eyes", the Dwarf goes on to find a couple of secret doors. This Dwarfish knack agrees with another early take on this evolving Hero:

Daedalus wrote:The Advanced Quest Wall Chart holds peculiarities other than the Chaos Sorcerer/Morcar tag. The featured miniatures are the same prototypes featured in WD 113. But more interesting (to me) is the description for the Dwarf: "A doughty and fearful warrior with a keen eye for secret doors and traps." [(Also found on the UK box description.) -edit]

It seems the prototype game included a different rule for finding or opening secret doors. Perhaps only the Dwarf automatically found or opened secret doors in that game. My guess is other Heroes would have needed to roll a combat die. In the case of failure, a Genie spell cast to open a door might have actually come in handy for a Wizard or Elf. Same goes for the prototype Fire of Wrath card found in the HQ commercial.

"I know spells to open that," whispered Chandra (the Wizard) when confronted by the lock at the entrance of Barak Tor. He could be referring to the two above. But then again, Fire of Wrath was used to torch a Mummy. Could it have also had dual uses?

Re: Hero Quest Sticker Album with stickers

PostPosted: Wednesday January 30th, 2019 7:13pm
by angeldeath
Guys I need loose stickers to complete the set . I am searching for hologram stickers (the only one i have for now is the diamond)
and a around 25 from the rest regular. Is there anyone that wants to trade (I have some duplicates) or sell stickers ? Please send me personal message.