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HQ video content suggestions?

PostPosted: Thursday June 16th, 2022 12:18pm
by AmalgamAsh
Hello, brave adventurers.

We may have met. I am a longtime enjoyer of all things HeroQuest and have recently followed the rabbit hole ever further into the new edition and other GW games.

And I create a variety of mixed gaming content for a YouTube channel, which had grown to feature TTRPG content, including a decent amount of HeroQuest, old and new.

I have a plethora of ideas for content including my ongoing series about sending the newest heroes into the 14 quests of the main game. But I'd love any and all suggestions from the community here, on what you might like to see as I continue my dungeon-filled quest to grow.

Any feedback is desired and welcome, from heroes and zargon alike. :orc: :orc: :orc:

Re: HQ video content suggestions?

PostPosted: Thursday June 16th, 2022 3:08pm
by Kurgan
Hero vs. Hero battles.

Playing quests is always good too.

Re: HQ video content suggestions?

PostPosted: Thursday June 16th, 2022 6:18pm
by QorDaq
In the realm of HQ, I like where things have been going. I am all for continued quest running with new Heroes in the mix.

I also enjoy your news and think pieces.

I'd dig seeing some more collaborations with HQ Fans (Kurgan's Channel) as well... Particularly some think-tanky round tables about where the community is going, how to adapt new fan content (Like fan-created Enemies, Heroes, Quests and so on). Possibly even discussions on popular topics around the Inn. Imagine a deep dive into the world of HQ 2021 with regard to how the lore has necessarily been changed with the AH adaptations?

I'd also dig seeing reviews, or maybe spotlight pieces, on fan projects, breaking them down and exploring what they offer and how they are used--it'd be great to get some fan creators onto the show for brief interviews, project discussions, or similar.

And of course, I'd really find it nifty if you could get some chat time with the creatives involved in the current iteration of the game. I imagine that would be a wish list item for you as well, of course.

All easy for me to imagine, but let me ask you; What are you interested in doing but maybe aren't clear on what the level of interest might be from the community?

I know HQ is a fairly niche fanbase, if rabid, and you do a lot of other things on your channel, so I am hardly asking for a full reformat or anything. I will say, however, that I primarily watch your HQ related content, so please take the above thoughts in that light.

Continued Success Warrior!