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HeroQuest Adventure Game Treasure of Chungor Khan

Discuss HeroQuest: The Tyrant's Tomb, the third HeroQuest novel by Dave Morris. (Discussion of the A Growl of Thunder quest contained within the novel should be addressed in the A Growl of Thunder Forum under Published Quest Releases.)

HeroQuest Adventure Game Treasure of Chungor Khan

Postby Cael Darkhollow » Sunday December 3rd, 2017 7:43pm

The Tyrant's Tomb by Dave Morris 59 pages
plot synopsis: Asgrim the barbarian from the first novel hears tell of ancient treasure at the far edge of the world in a long dead tyrant's tomb. viewtopic.php?f=29&t=213

Growl of Thunder solo quest for the barbarian for HeroQuest board game 10 pages

The last part of the book 118 pages of The Tyrant's Tomb HeroQuest novel by Dave Morris 1993 by Corgi Books contains a "HEROQUEST ADVENTURE GAME" titled: Treasure of Chungor Khan. Compared to 88 pages for the first in-book game, and 109 for the game in the second HeroQuest novel, this is the longest.
It is a solo play game story where you control the barbarian :barbarian: not Asgrim of the title story though and although the tomb destination and map leading to it are the same from the title story, little else is similar as your solo journey can take you through swamps, coastlines, or mountains long before you attempt to cross the desert wastes.
It is a branching choice story where you decide which page to turn to based on choices presented in-story similar to Choose Your Own Adventure, Endless Quest, Wizards Warriors and You, Which Way Books, Twistaplot, Pick A Path, Fantasy Forest, Zork,etc. but with an in game combat system similar to Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Adventure Gamebooks or the Lone Wolf game books. There are no Heroquest spells in this one but you do have the opportunity to get a genie that is the same as the board game. the same basic game stats for your character have combat and speed added to mind and body. You can also parry or flee. Encumberance and money carried are important as well.

The basic plot is similar to the main title story of a treasure hunt in a tomb, but much of the narrative is about the journey there and the perils you face rather than the tomb itself. there are a few instant death passages you could end up reading or you could die in combat. overall enjoyable even if the non intuitive choices take you to surprising results.

monsters/foes to fight or creatures mentioned such as:
Ghost captain
Ghost bosun and oarsmen
Sea serpent
Ice goblins
Unknown assailant
Elf knight
Nomads on lizard mounts
Sergeant at arms
Head cook
Sous chef
Pastry chef
Lizard men
Tyrant serpent
Golden mongoose

Many minor magic items and weapons are described for you to get such as cloth of marvels or the magic short sword Propugnator.
Bretonians from the Warhammer old world are mentioned in the story and the map states that HeroQuest is loosely based on that world. The map is of Norsica and the Sea of Claws.
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