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Translating German StarQuest + PC game extras

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Re: Translating German StarQuest + PC game extras

Postby Nurglebürger » Wednesday February 22nd, 2023 11:24pm

I used to own a copy of Space Crusade when I was a teenager. When I discovered this topic it fascinated me so much I had to track down some source material. :redheart: I only managed to find a german text from "Mission: Dreadnought "Raid on Blotham IV." This is where I found it - https://www.google.com/amp/s/docplayer. ... ought.html

Anyway I had a go at translating the three short excerpts, below:



Der Time-Twister ist - wie alle GSG-Waffen - nicht auf das Verletzen oder gar Töten des Gegners ausgelegt: Er verdreht die Zeitlinien in bis zu drei Zielgebieten, so daß sinnvolle Aktionen dort nicht mehr möglich sind.

The time twister is - like all GSG weapons - not for injuring or killing opponents outright: it warps timelines in up to three target areas, so that sensible actions are no longer possible there.

Die Fusionskanone verschweißt sämtliche Metallteile beim getroffenen Gegner: Seine Waffen werden unbrauchbar, seine Magnetsohlen werden untrennbar mit den Bodenplatten verbunden.

The fusion cannon welds all metal tiles to the affected opponents: their weapons become unusable, their magnetic soles become inseparable from the floor they are in contact with.

Der Degressor wirkt unmittelbar auf die Psyche des Gegners ein und kann dessen Aggressionstrieb bis zur völligen Interesselosigkeit lahmen.

The Degressor acts directly upon the Psyche of opponents and can subdue their aggression to the point of complete lack of interest.

I like the AI discussions this topic has provoked.

You could make it really hardcore and replace all references to ammunition with water. So it's a water fight, in space, with super-soakers, and you have water bomb balloons as your grenades. The genestealers could be the party clowns.
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Re: Translating German StarQuest + PC game extras

Postby Kurgan » Saturday April 1st, 2023 11:04pm

Oh man... laser tag, paintball, "gotcha" (ink) and water fights... the mods! So Eldar Attack was from 1991 and Mission: Dreadnought was 1990...

I really am grateful for the translations (especially manual ones from those who understand German far better than I), thanks for the contribution.

I zapped it with a google machine translation and it was a little ugly in places but pretty much what you have been saying.

The Tarantula is a mobile weapon equipped with two Time Twisters.

Did another auto-translate of "DER ANGRIFF DER ELDAR": (very messy since it re-arranged the paragraphs, hopefully it makes more sense now below...)

About the Eldar

The Eldar are one of the oldest spacefaring races in our universe.
But its former glory has not survived the millennia unscatched.
In fact, very little is known about her. All that is certain is that their highly developed civilization extended over many hundreds of planetary spaces.
But then, about 10,000 years ago, they unintentionally awakened the incredibly brutal beings of the vortex Slaanesh.
In the ensuing turmoil, many millions of Eldar perished. Only a few escaped in so-called "Travelling Worlds," huge spaceships that surrounded entire cities, factories and biospheres with fields, meadows and forests.
Over time, individual starship crews coalesced into social entities that viewed themselves as distinct races rather than members of the former Eldar Empire.
Despite occasional battles between Eldar and Eldar, all Eldar still bind together one thing they have in common: their insatiable hatred of all forces of chaos. And it's not uncommon for GSG units clearing Chaos ships to encounter Eldar squads engaged in the same task. Because nobody can predict with certainty where the mysterious forces of chaos will appear ...

The typical characteristics of the Eldar

Eldar warrior [stats...]

The Eldar are very elegant fighters who combine speed and cleverness
with sophisticated fighting techniques. In battle, they present a high speed of 7
squares. However, if they carry heavy weapons, the speed is reduced to 3 fields per
turn. Their quick reactions and effective melee weapons make them so superior
that they attack with 3 white dice.

Eldar squads and their tactics

All Eldar receive a variety of combat training from a young age,
although many later learn normal trades.
In principle, they are a peaceful race. But in times of war they fight back very vigorously. The basic weapon of the Eldar is the shuriken slingshot. Ten Eldar form a
full squad led by an Eldar Patriarch and wields up to six heavy weapons: shuriken
cannons, holo-launchers, and las-launchers. Thus, the Eldar are well equipped for trench warfare as well as for close

All Eldar can use certain psi abilities in combat. A few have so perfected this
power that they have attained the rank of psi master. Called seers, they control
their power through rune-shaped ghost bones, a solidified form of time warp
energy. They also use spirit stones filled with the spirits of deceased seers, protecting their wearers from the Chaos energy.
Eldar units are often supported by special seers who are also mages
to be named. You can read mystical runes for the best strategy for an attack and
write protective secret signs on your equipment.

'Attack of the Eldar' introduces a new class of warriors that balance the game
between 2 players so that everyone has the same chances. So 'Incursion of the
Eldar' is ideal for 2 players, although the Eldar can also be used in the rest of
StarQuest's adventures.

The weapons of the Eldar

Shuriken Slingshot

This basic Eldar weapon is a type of catapult that uses gravity
Mechanism fires a volley of throwing stars with monomolecular blades. Those
who are hit by these throwing stars temporarily fall into a state of unconsciousness
that causes them to lose all aggressiveness. An Eldar using a shuriken slingshot
rolls 2 light weapon dice (white).

Shuriken Cannon This is a larger and much more powerful version of the slingshot. She can shoot faster, and their projectiles fly at far greater speeds. Therefore,
an Eldar can attack up to 3 targets with its shuriken cannon, each with a heavy
weapon die (red) and a light weapon die (white), whereby each attack must be
resolved separately. The 3 attacks can also target the same target and can be used
anywhere before or after the draw. For example, the eldar could shoot twice, then
draw, and then shoot again.

Las Thrower

The Las thrower projects a false image into the brain of the victim, so that he loses his orientation and can no longer take part in any targeted action.
The Las Launcher can fire two shots in one round. Both shots must be fired either before or after the draw. So an Eldar with a las launcher may not fire, then draw, and then fire again.

Holo Launchers
The Eldar holo launchers work the same way as the GSG Commandos holo launchers (see page 13 of the base game rulebook).

Eldar Patriarch

The Eldar Patriarch exemplifies everyone's fierce fighting spirit Eldar. Even unarmed, he is an opponent not to be underestimated. And
armed with the strongest weapons of the eldar, he is virtually invincible. Even his subordinates treat him with almost timid respect.

Combat value
The patriarch does not have multiple combat value points. Instead has
the special patriarch cards that give him special abilities and equipment. Each
time the patriarch loses combat value, he must discard a card of his choice for
each point lost. Discarded cards lose their validity for the entire duration of the
If the Patriarch has to discard all of his cards during a mission, he then
continues playing with one point of combat value (like all other Eldar). If he also
loses this last point, he is removed from the board. Before each new mission,
the patriarch can replenish his entire supply of cards.

skills and equipment
Before each new mission, the patriarch chooses 5 of the 10 cards:
Panic Sword
PSI Focus
Mega Slash
micro target
continuous attack

In addition to the 5 chosen cards, the Patriarch has a shock
sword and a shuriken pistol as basic equipment. The Shock Sword gives him great
attack power for melee combat, while the Shuriken Pistol allows him to fire
twice per round at longer ranges. He may fire both shots before the draw, or both
shots after the draw, or one shot before and after the draw. He may also shoot at
two separate targets. Each of the two shots is evaluated separately.

Board a starship:

Thanks to their PSI abilities, the Eldar can move unseen in a starship:
from their "Travelling World" they project a psychic screen into the area in
question, which hides them from all views and detectors.

However, as soon as an Eldar squad detects alien beings on their biosensors, they leave the psychic screen and begin their mission. The screen remains
in place until the Eldar return to its protection after completing their mission.

At the start of a mission, the player commanding the Eldar places their
Psychic Screen on the starting board marked on the appropriate mission plan . As
soon as his turn comes into play, he pulls his Eldar out of the screen by counting
moves from the first space outside the screen.

Once the first Eldar has left the screen, the Chaos player can
place any number of radar blips on this board section.
Once the task has been completed, the mission is only over when all the
Eldar have disappeared behind the screen again. No other character may cross the
psychic screen.

The Eldar Patriarch ranks are Avenger, Enforcement, Pursuant, Nemesis, and Reborn.

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