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New Space Crusade Campaign

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New Space Crusade Campaign

Postby Jonny 5 » Friday July 21st, 2017 11:28am


I wanted a new mission set for Space Crusade using requiring only what comes in the original box and couldn't find one on-line so a wrote one! I hope that this will be useful and interesting for you but also wanted some feedback / suggestions for enhancement.

I wanted to make it fairly difficult for the Marines but am not sure if I've got the balance right with reinforcements & mission objectives etc. Also I am no good with 40K fluff so I'm sure the story /theme could be vastly enhanced... (aside from a general theme for the missions this wasn't my personal priority).

Any opinions would be welcomed - Many Thanks


hope the link works :)
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Re: New Space Crusade Campaign

Postby The Admiral » Friday July 21st, 2017 4:44pm

That looks brilliant! Thanks for posting. My brother and I haven't played Space Crusade for many years, but it was one of our favourites back in the day. An awesome game that is simple, fun, but still tactically challenging .I think we went through the campaign at least twice. Mission Dreadnought ruined it a bit for me.

If we ever get back into this, then your campaign would make a nice change from doing the original again.
The Admiral

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