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YeOldeInn Card Art in 800px

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YeOldeInn Card Art in 800px

Postby Anderas » Wednesday March 16th, 2016 4:23pm

Hello all,
for my custom card set i was preparing all the Card art in 800x600 pixel, in black and white.
I didn't want to have all the cards in slightly different colors, so i needed to convert them all in black and white and define the color with the photoshop function "multiply" so that they are all the same.

After i've done the work, i thought maybe you would be interested.

here, dropbox link... don't know how long i will keep it active
Download the YeOldeInn Card art in Black/White and 800x600 pixel

I would be happy if we could make it part of the official YeOldeInn Download site. I definitely don't want to share it anywhere else.
I don't allow anybody else to share it anywhere else. However, i don't reserve any rights except that i reserve that you can't reserve any rights on it.

have fun!

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