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alternative cover for Halls of Durrag-Dol

Discuss Halls of Durrag-Dol, published in White Dwarf Magazine #134.

alternative cover for Halls of Durrag-Dol

Postby Sjeng » Thursday August 11th, 2011 5:57am

I've made an alternative cover for the questbook, in case you want it to look like the original HQ booklets, with the art provided in the Magazine it was published in.

I made one for each of the semi-official quests.
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Re: alternative cover for Halls of Durrag-Dol

Postby Nephew of Mentor » Saturday November 16th, 2013 8:08pm

I would love an alternate cover that is more like the american quest books. Any ideas? I thought about finding an image of a dwarf trollslayer possibly in battle, but what i have found wasn't satisfying.
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