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Re: Anyone used KILI THEKKRSSON?

PostPosted: Wednesday October 1st, 2014 10:03pm
by Daedalus
I decided to go more with beserker and less with Trollslayer to make things fit, but I understand your feeling about Trollslayers not using a shield, helmet, or armor. The bracers remind me of the manacles and axe combination of Gotrek, so that's cool too.

I'd up the cost of the defensive rune to a lot more than that of a shield because defense is a balancing weakness of Trollslayers, and they don't need to buy expensive armor. I'd also change the attack rune to an artifact--Trollslayers already have a +1 attack bonus when beserk. Purchasing another die of damage puts him above all other Heroes. :2cents:

Re: Anyone used KILI THEKKRSSON?

PostPosted: Sunday October 5th, 2014 7:21am
by The Road Warrior
I'm currently playtesting this berserk rule inspired by mikemacdee's post. It's fun but can also be very frustrating.

Going Berserk
The Trollslayer has a new combat ability, going berserk. When going berserk the Trollslayer’s attacks become much more deadly but, at the same time his defence becomes worse.
Every time the Trollslayer attacks, immediately before rolling the combat die they must take one Rage Token. They then modify their attack strength, rolling one additional combat die for each Rage Token they currently hold.
When defending the Trollslayer must modify their defence strength, rolling one less combat die for each Rage Token they currently hold.
The Trollslayer may never hold more rage tokens than their defence score i.e. when their defence reaches zero they do not take any additional Rage Tokens. However they must continue to modify their attack and defence rolls based on the number of Rage Tokens they currently hold.

Calming down again
At the beginning of each of the Trollslayer’s turns, if there are no monsters visible, he may remove one of the Rage Tokens he currently holds.

As this is the system I have in mind I think the defence rune is fairly priced. It would cost the Slayer 250 gold to buy this extra defend die as he needs to first purchase a handaxe to have the rune inscribed onto (NA rules would need a different price as the Slayer would already own a handaxe as his starting weapon). For the same money one of the original heroes could buy a helmet and a shield. Secondly I'm making this the only purchasable defence upgrade open to him whereas a traditional Hero can purchase up to 4 additional defence dice.

For me the attack rune is the one that currently breaks the system. I originally added it to open up a 3 attack die weapon for the Slayer. But when this rune is inscribed on the Battleaxe he has a 5 attack die weapon, and as you can see from the berserk rule I am using above that immediately becomes a 6 attack die weapon as the Slayer must always go berserk when attacking. Too powerful.

I have a few options in mind here but most of them involve binning the runes which I don't really want to do. I like this thematic way of building up the Trollslayer's stats and I also like the fact that he is especially vulnerable to a rust spell as he would lose both his weapon and the runes inscribed upon it.

I've started writing a solo quest pack for my version of the Trollslayer. I'll try and get the first quest written up and posted in the Quest Packs section later on today.

Re: Anyone used KILI THEKKRSSON?

PostPosted: Sunday October 5th, 2014 8:28am
by Schmidt
Needs rewording,but
If you draw blood 2 turns in a row you go beserk (+1 ad, -1dd) until there are no more visible monsters
If you take damage you go beserk /\(bit of a bummer if you take damage on the first turn when surrounded by 4 :chaoswarrior: ) just my :2cents:

Re: Anyone used KILI THEKKRSSON?

PostPosted: Sunday October 5th, 2014 11:54pm
by mitchiemasha
Isn't going berserk a reflection of low mind? I'm with the 8/2 over the 7/3. Starting attack and defense same as barbs.

My berserk rule was simply roll all movement dice and attack dice at once, spend in any order, combination. This would give the troll slayer the ability for some nice kill combos especially with an up graded weapon. No reason to worry about the +1 attack, - 1 defense thing. A Hero charging head first in to it doesn't want to get stuck with 1 Defense die. That mechanic alone brakes the character, you'd play him as a wuss.

If he did start with Mind 3 you could make the going berserk costs 1 MP, simply as the Hero is losing their mind to rage!!! but i'd keep 3/2 attack/defense