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PostPosted: Sunday September 27th, 2020 4:26pm
by DragonLord1975
The latest news out of Hasbro is about a brand new modernized version of HeroQuest. I’ve seen the trailer on the YouTube Channel Hasbro Pulse and so far it looks good, but there are some diehard fans who are skeptical about it.

The word “Chaos” is changed to “Dread”. Also, the Chaos Warlock is now the Dread Sorcerer and the Chaos Warrior is now the Dread Warrior.

The Zombies now have Swords and Shields instead of cleavers, there are 4 varieties of Orcs which include female Orcs, Fimir now have two eyes and are now called Abominations.

A female Elf will be in the starting set, but ordering the Mythic Kit adds the female Barbarian, Wizard and Dwarf and original male Elf.

All furniture and doorways are high-grade plastic instead of cardboard.

The Mythic Kit adds an exclusive Quest, “The Legacy of Telor”.

As of this text, all transactions are exclusively towards North America.

Other than those mentioned in the overlay, the game remains the same.

Leave your opinion on whether the 2020 edition of HeroQuest is worth getting or not.


PostPosted: Sunday September 27th, 2020 5:33pm
by Goblin-King
There's already a "general" thread about the new HeroQuest from Hasbro.

We try to keep the forums a bit tidy, so please visit that thread for any general talk about HQ2020.
You are more than welcome to make a new thread to discuss a specific aspect of the new version.