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Greetings adventurers !!

PostPosted: Sunday September 6th, 2020 1:47pm
by Azure
Greetings fellow adventurers

It is time for a proper introduction. I am best known under the nickname Azure.
Thank you all for letting me join the HeroQuest community.

I first encountered the magnificent HeroQuest around 17 years ago, in a dusty attic. Nobody would want to play, so I kinda forgot about it altogether. Years passed, I kept playing Final Fantasy on NES and SuperNES, along with multiple other RPGs. I also dabbled into Dungeons and Dragons occasionally, not really being serious about it.

I suddenly became really passionate about HeroQuest around 2018, when I was trying to create a homebrew RPG of my own. HeroQuest paved the way and enabled me to perform a good brainstorming and see which elements were truly essential to a Dungeon Crawler type of RPG.

I recently joined Ye Olde Inn in order to explore this community, contribute, and share ideas. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, I have been a DM for HeroQuest, sometimes hosting games on STEAM, using TableTop Simulator. I also play DnD 3.0 Edition with some friends - we actually play an adapted version called Diablerie (Wizards of the Coast: 2000) // More precisely, it is an adaptation of the PC game Diablo 2 by Blizzard. I also get inspiration from this booklet.

:redorb: So, what is my role on STEAM ? :redorb:

I've been using TTS for 1 year now, so I have some relevant experience with it. Players often ask me if I can help around, give a crash course on how to use TableTop Simulator. I also provide quick lessons on setting up a RPG table, or a HeroQuest table. Some new players just heard about HeroQuest and they want me to demonstrate the game - - which takes less than 20 minutes usually. I'm glad to do it, as it expands the number of committed players we have on Discord. I also introduce players to the basics of DnD from time to time. Finally, whenever needed, I discuss with other DMs, and I exchange virtual assets and 3D models for the games, I give advice on how to set up a table. Although I do not stream games myself, I know someone who does.

:blueorb: More about my community :blueorb:
Our Discord channel :

A HeroQuest Friend/Streamer on Twitch : The Fox Den // MiniFoxyChicky

My name on Steam : Azure.symmetry

:chaoswarrior: Thank you very much ! See you around ! :chaoswarrior:

Re: Greetings adventurers !!

PostPosted: Sunday September 6th, 2020 4:23pm
by lestodante
greetings and welcome to the INN!!

Re: Greetings adventurers !!

PostPosted: Friday November 19th, 2021 2:27am
by WarriorPrincess
The discord invite has expired can you resend? Maybe send me a direct message, would love to join your discussion

Re: Greetings adventurers !!

PostPosted: Thursday November 25th, 2021 2:37am
by shame_002
If anyone has a current heroquest discord, please post it here.

Re: Greetings adventurers !!

PostPosted: Thursday November 25th, 2021 3:05am
by Daedalus
It would also be a good idea to post Discord games at Board index<Gaming Rooms<Games In Your Area!