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An Aussie Saying Hello

PostPosted: Wednesday March 27th, 2019 7:32pm
by DaGobbo
Hello guys,

Man, I had no idea this place existed. Let alone there is a complete copy of all the boardgame contents. *glee*

I found you guys when I was cleaning up my garage, found all my miniatures and stuff (warhammer, battlemaster, 40k, etc) from the 90s. I stumbled across some miniatures that didn't look like the others.
Then I remembered they were Hero Quest. I thought I would sell them as it wasn't a complete set (though I suspect I've got some mummies and zombies in one of my other boxes) and I found this site in my wondering on BGG.
But now seeing as though I can recreate the missing components, NO WAY am I selling 'em. I originally only got to play the original set and my mate had the expansion, but it was his brother's and rarely let us play it.

This is actually pretty perfect because I'm in the middle of a startup to create a board game cafe. I'll recreate Hero Quest complete with all the expansions and place it in the board game library. Now if only I'll get time to play it, lol.
That's small business for ya.
Cheers to the creator of this site. Funds are pretty tight atm, but I'll earmark some funds in the future to make a donation.

I'm holding some Space Crusade & Battle Masters miniatures, I wonder what happens if I look that up. chuckle I don't think Battle Masters would fit on any table though.


Re: An Aussie Saying Hello

PostPosted: Wednesday March 27th, 2019 8:48pm
by DaGobbo
On an aside, what do you guys use if you can't find the board?

Re: An Aussie Saying Hello

PostPosted: Wednesday March 27th, 2019 9:27pm
by whitebeard
DaGobbo wrote:On an aside, what do you guys use if you can't find the board?

I used my printer at work to reprint it BIGGER and in pieces (on US letter sheets). Then glued each half down to a piece of foam board and sealed it with a clear plastic sticky wrap. Lastly, I created a hinge using gorilla tape (like duct tape).

Or you can go completely nuts and 3D print it with 35mm tiles

Welcome to the Inn!

Re: An Aussie Saying Hello

PostPosted: Thursday March 28th, 2019 12:35pm
by KrautScientist
Welcome to the forum! It's lovely to see somebody actually deciding to restore his set due to this board, rather than trying to sell off the individual pieces with the biggest possible profit!

Best of luck with the boardgame café endeavour! I've been to the local boardgame café a number of times, and it's a rather nice way to explore new games, hang out etc., so it's always good to hear from places like that opening up shop all over the world! :)

Re: An Aussie Saying Hello

PostPosted: Thursday March 28th, 2019 7:47pm
by DaGobbo
Thanks for the friendly welcome.

To be fair I had started to catalogue all my old miniatures with the intention of selling them, that and free up room in my garage.
I changed my mind when I found that there was an avenue to restore my old hero quest game though, I also see the battle masters and space crusade sections in the forums, I may give that a go as well.
Found about 90% of the battlemasters models and about 10 Grekins I think they are called.

I might get lucky as my folks are hoarders, they may still have a copy of the old box floating around with the old boardgames I shared with my brothers. It's fairly remote as my brothers were quite destructive, but worth a shot. One brother snapped 15 model weapons off in frustration within the first day of Battlemasters assembly. Le sign family.

I did find some more miniatures though, now got a grand total of 4 fimir, 7 orcs (4 clevers, 1 sword, 2 maces), 5 mummies, 1 sorceror, 1 zombie.

Turns out my mate quit the hobby 2 decades ago and just dropped all his models at my place, so I found extras in his boxes. Sadly I also found 5 mummies and a skeleton he mangled.
"Michael, what did you do? Why don't they have any hands!!" lol I'd show a photo, but I see that you have some fair use policies in place. Smart.

As for the gameboard, I think these images are also protected by fair use policies as well. I'll have to be patient.

Re: An Aussie Saying Hello

PostPosted: Friday March 29th, 2019 1:04am
by Anderas
That's okay you'll get quickly over that threshold :-)