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printing tiles help

PostPosted: Thursday August 9th, 2018 8:52pm
by fijigus
help. I was printing some of the cool center tiles and stuff yesterday and going back to find more I see all the links to most of them but I can not for the life of me find some of the basic ones. I'm looking right at my print out from yesterday that says centre room tiles and corner room tiles and I can not find that page again.

also, a lot of the tiles won't print. Is that also a champion status requirement, that somehow those images are locked like some of the quest packs? I see everyone saying print them, but a bunch don't have the print or save or copy options. I did a few (print screen, copy, resize and then resize again once I see what's too big and what's too small) but making sure I'm not the only one taking more time than necessary to do it that way. And also want to make sure that I'm not breaking any rules. Just looking to print a few to get the 8 year old interested in eventually making his own. And then the titles to go with the alternate quests and some print and some don't.



Re: printing tiles help

PostPosted: Friday August 10th, 2018 5:47pm
by lestodante
I don't understand exactly what you mean..
Anyway some files are restricted to "CHAMPIONS". So you need at least 14 valid posts to become a champion and download the files.
Hope this will help you.

Re: printing tiles help

PostPosted: Sunday August 12th, 2018 9:40am
by Daedalus
I'm also not sure of where you were. Was it here at the Tiles section of the Homepage? There's also the New Tiles section of Agin's Inn Historical Archive. Is that any help?

by the way, it doesn't sound like you've broken any rules. The resizing sounds par for the course, if I recall correctly.