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PostPosted: Monday February 14th, 2022 8:29pm
by Kryze77
Hi All,

I just wanted to say hello and a huge thank you to all who contribute to this brilliant resource, I've been a casual browser of the site for many years now but have only recently decided to join. I was always amazed with just how popular Heroquest was and equally amazed by all the talented people out there that continue to share their skills on here, you're all great!

I was 12 when the base game first came out in 89, I'd never seen or played anything like it and I remember with fondness having some epic gaming days\nights with some close friends I have to this day. I absolutely love the game and even though it has literally been years since we've played it, I always look back on the game with fondness.

I've kept my unpainted collection which includes the base game, the advanced quest and all the of expansions which were available in the UK, I'd never even heard of "Mage of the mirror" or "the frozen horror" until years later when looking at this site and alas by that time couldn't justify spending the amounts being asked to get them.

Like so many I missed out on the crowdfunding of the Avalon Hill Heroquest, I'd been keeping an eye on the previous crowd funded effort for Heroquest 25th Anniversary by Gamezone but when I realised it was a remake and not a re-release which eventually fell through I just gave up on the idea of ever seeing the game see the light of day again, by the time I realised Avalon Hill Heroquest was happening it was too late so I've frustratingly missed out on the Mythic Tier which I'm not happy about. I know you don't need it to play the game but it's seriously annoying not to have the set and yes I could afford to pay the extortionate prices being charged on some auction websites but being married with children that is frankly money better spent elsewhere, I can only hope that Hasbro makes these sets available to the public at a later date, from what I've read there is a lot of demand! I have purchased the Avalon Hill Heroquest game and the two expansions so I've got something at least.

Anyway enough from me, again I just wanted to show my appreciation for everyone on here, we live in trying times and yet this game to me is ageless, my children have seen the unopened new boxes and have shown interest so I hope to be able to get a new generation playing here soon!

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PostPosted: Wednesday February 16th, 2022 8:59am
by Daedalus
Glad you decided to join, Kryze77. It looks like you're safely on your way to enjoying Hero Quest again with your children. If kids back in '89-'90 had Future Sight, there would have loads more Hero Quest sold. "Can I please have this game that's so cool I'll play it again with my children? I'll have to pay ten times more if you don't get it now!"

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PostPosted: Wednesday March 2nd, 2022 12:29pm
by MacSteve75
Hail to all. Just found Ye Olde Inn and am very excited to find a wealth of HeroQuest paraphernalia! Having just purchased the new version of HeroQuest from Amazon, I am rediscovering the greatest board game ever. I bought the original back in the 1990s and my three sons and I played for hours and hours. We bought two of the expansion sets to continue playing. We even bought BattleQuest to assuage our appetites. Then my sons graduated high school and I put HeroQuest in the closet and went back to playing Baldur's Gate and other computer games. I did find the Amiga 500 version of HeroQuest and played all of the quests. Just recently I pulled the old HeroQuest out of the closet and took it to my oldest son's home and played it with my grandsons ages 10 and 8! A little while after that I found that a new version was being released, but I was too late to sign up. :o Fortunately I was able to buy a system and downloaded the DM app from Hasbro and have been replaying the main game with the expansion packs waiting in the wings. So glad to find you guys. Thanks for creating this site.

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PostPosted: Thursday March 3rd, 2022 12:21am
by Daedalus
That's a great Hero Quest story! Not many of us can claim three generations of Questing. The Inn was created for fans like you--enjoy your stay!

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PostPosted: Thursday March 3rd, 2022 10:42am
by MacSteve75
Thank you so much for the welcome. Just starting to navigate my way around the "ye Olde Inn," but so far I am enjoying the stay.

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PostPosted: Thursday March 3rd, 2022 1:37pm
by HispaZargon
Welcome to the newcomers! Come in and take seat in the Inn!

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PostPosted: Thursday March 10th, 2022 5:24pm
by MoonSylver
MoonSylver wrote:I'd like to say thank you to drathe for saving all the Agin's Inn content. I was so bummed when it went under & was thrilled to find the site last night! I had lost all of my custom stuff & was looking to replace the tiles, combat cards, the UK Quest packs, etc, & now I can!

Thanks again!

After almost a decade and a half away, I'm finally back home. :D Lots of life changes in the intervening time. My HQ stuff had been packed away for over 10 years now. Got up on a Saturday morning a couple weeks ago & happened to be looking at the new HQ release on BGG (was aware over the holidays, didn't check it out, shame on me).

In any case, the nostalgia bug bit me & I ordered the new version along w/the two re-released quest packs. Spent a couple days last weekend digging all my original stuff out of storage & getting it back together. Feels so GOOD to have hands on all my stuff again!

Looking forward to getting back to the dungeons again! :barbarian:

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PostPosted: Thursday March 10th, 2022 6:23pm
by HispaZargon
The Inn members will sure be so glad to see you again around here, MoonSylver! WELCOME!!

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PostPosted: Monday April 11th, 2022 12:11pm
by Adrascorix
Hi all / Salut.

French here. Want to thanks all for all the work sorry my bad in english. Use google translate for help me.

I have been playing Heroquest since I was a child with my 4 brothers, and I am now interested in the new release and this community and others that allow me to play many more quests. Is there, or is there a translation area for the quests please by any chance? I'd like to know if there is a need to set up a French translation.

I would like to thank you in advance for your answer - help to direct me to the right section if needed.

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PostPosted: Tuesday April 12th, 2022 10:32am
by Babalik
Cheers guys. Playing hero quest since the 90's. Nice to find this site.