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A little paint and a lot of wash…

PostPosted: Thursday April 1st, 2021 2:36am
by iKarith
For folks who haven't ever really gotten into painting, washes are extremely forgiving because they can be wiped away when you make a mistake with them, and they way they flow tends to help you get the effect you were probably after anyway.

This isn't a beginner video, but it kinda shows you how to think about applying these things and what you can do with your layering. Model paints work the same way (as do other paints—but the scale of model paints makes it more apparent.


Since he's painting furniture … this might be particularly useful if you're replacing or adding to the cardboard furniture, or planning to get the new reprint with sculpted furniture.

Re: A little paint and a lot of wash…

PostPosted: Thursday April 1st, 2021 2:46am
by iKarith
Another channel I've been watching a lot of is Black Magic Craft who scratch builds a lot of foam terrain pieces. I like some of his videos because with the right tools, he can crank out great setting pieces really quickly, but he makes a point of showing you how to do a lot without the expensive tools like the hot wire table. Yeah, it's fast to do with the expensive toys—and for some stuff you really need the right tools or it's just not going to be practical—but so much can be done with so little…

Of course, my issue with Black Magic Crafting is his painting style—he does everything in shades of black. :lol: But the HQ furniture painted with mostly washes shows what can be done with inks and washes if you want your colors to pop a bit more.

It's all techniques to pick up, try when you get the chance, and use what you like and what matches your skills (which will improve with practice I'm just about positive, says the guy who hasn't committed to buying a bunch of paints and whatnot yet.)

Re: A little paint and a lot of wash…

PostPosted: Thursday April 1st, 2021 8:05am
by ajjohnsen
I've watched all of Miguel's videos as the look is pretty great once he's done. He also backed the new HeroQuest Release and will be posting videos of him painting them as well

Definitely worth a sub

Re: A little paint and a lot of wash…

PostPosted: Thursday April 1st, 2021 10:06am
by iKarith
I'm still salty that I didn't know about the new set until after it was all done and over. I'd definitely have been in at the Mythic tier. So close to those final stretch goals too.

My second base game system arrives today (the first is still at my fiancée's parents' house in the closet, but I'll see about that soon…) Dug out my Heroscape dice too—preserve the fading print on my wooden ones, etc. Still need to clear some space as half the kitchen table has had a project on it for weeks …

My own painting will start with custom tiles to build a larger scale board. I think I've kinda convinced myself 28mm makes a little more sense than 30mm. Basically that it fits within six 12" square tiles makes a big difference for construction purposes.