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Re: Switching to "cheaper" paints for minis

PostPosted: Monday May 27th, 2019 8:30pm
by Kurgan
I will agree with people that typically I DO have to apply multiple layers (and I haven't really been "thinning" my paint at all).

So you either buy expensive paint and do fewer layers or cheap and do more? Something like that. Still, these Walmart/Hobby Lobby acrylics are way cheaper than the stuff sold specifically for citadel, GW type miniatures, and plenty of variety. Usually the hardest parts are the "flat" areas of a mini that lack detail, requiring the most attention. But I don't mind, especially since the bulk of my painting is done and I'm usually only doing one or two minis at a time to add to the horde. If I were a war gamer putting together huge armies, I think I would be pushed even more in this direction, at least so long as I was using plastic minis like I am now.