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The Epic Painting Quest

Tips and tricks for painting miniatures and anything else.

Re: The Epic Painting Quest

Postby benvoliothefirst » Friday September 15th, 2017 1:10pm

Figomurphy wrote:
penis-shaped car! That's a bit harsh.

Two promises I made to myself when I was significantly younger and poorer than I am know:

First: To someday make a 3D heroquest dungeon and paint the set. I'm well on the way to doing this.

Second: In 1995 I walked into Mercedes showroom in Dublin with my best friend and his Dad to collect his Dads new Mercedes SL320 convertable. I totally fell in love with the car. The old guy in the showroom saw my awe, gave me a brochure and a Mercedes keyring and told me to keep it until I owned my dream car.
Two years ago my friend called me and told me his Dads old car was back in the showroom where he'd bought it all those years before. I went in, bought the car, and the put the key onto the keyring the oldman had given me over 20 years ago (he had died 15 years earlier). I drove out of the showroom and cried with happiness.

Every middled age guy behind the wheel of a nice car is not going through a crises, some are only now able to fulful promises made to themselves in their youth.

Thumbs up to the 60 year old on the green Ninja.

First: Nice!

Second: oh, my Goddess I'm crying. What a beautiful story. Congratulations. Was it the same model of car, or actually your friend's Dad's?
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Re: The Epic Painting Quest

Postby Figomurphy » Friday September 15th, 2017 2:08pm

It was the actual car. Like myself it had aged a bit but I was still very happy. Now back to the 3D dungeon..

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