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Lucas DP's painting thread

Tips and tricks for painting miniatures and anything else.

Re: Lucas DP's project thread

Postby lucasdp » Tuesday February 28th, 2017 6:37pm

Hello again, friends! I haven't visited the Inn in quite some time. I'm glad to see things are still running smoothly. Looks like there's some good threads for me to catch up on. :lol:

My weekly gaming group took a break from HeroQuest recently, after completing the base game, Kellar's Keep, and Return of the Witch Lord. We've been playing Zombicide: Black Plague and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shadows of the Past; both lots of fun. But we're itching to get back to HQ and I've found myself prepping some new figures for Against the Ogre Horde.

As we all know the Ogres can be rare and expensive these days (especially if you're in the States), I settled for a pretty good deal on some Ogres that have a fair amount of bad paint on them.


Not sure if it's evident in the picture, but they've got a pretty thick white primer coat over a mediocre-at-best paint job. Round one of Simple Green soak and scrub got most of the white primer off; round two started to get some of the bad paint job off. I have them soaking in Simple Green for round three now...
I don't think I really want to re-paint them myself (at least not right away). For now, I'm just trying to get them down to the original plastic.

Next, I wanted to get some Orcs with staffs/spears for the couple quests that have them. I found these guys from em4 miniatures (http://www.em4miniatures.com/acatalog/C ... ntasy.html).

They're not a 100% match with HeroQuest Orcs, obviously. The heads are the wrong shape and they're a little skinny. The bases are just a couple millimeters too big (but still fit in the spaces on the board pretty well!). But, the size and style is pretty similar in my opinion, they were really inexpensive (about a quarter of a Pound each! With shipping to the US, I got a set of 8 for about $8!) and I plan to paint them green to match the others.

But first, there's a pretty good amount of flash to be removed and these dumb posts in the middle of their backs.

Can't complain when the price is so low, though. It's giving me some good practice with filing flash-lines. I'll be sure to post updated pics later, and you know I'll be updating my "Saturday Night Dungeon" thread when my heroes face the Ogre Horde!

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Re: Lucas DP's painting thread

Postby Anderas » Wednesday March 1st, 2017 7:43am

Welcome back! I already feared that this one bad Witch Lord quest was putting the entire group off.

Against the Ogre Horde also needs some tweaking here and there. Looking forward to see more of your great reports here!

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