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Barbarian / Elf Quest Pack box EXCHANGE

PostPosted: Sunday November 3rd, 2019 3:05pm
by lestodante
I have a box that is half from the Elf Quest Pack (upper part) and half from the Barbarian Quest Pack (bottom part).
I know someone just bought a set with the opposite parts as mine from an ebay seller located in Nevada. but I've seen another one sold some months ago with the same mistaken association of the box parts.
This is to try to get in touch with someone who is interested in completing his Barbarian box while I want to complete my Elf set instead (and so I need the BOTTOM box for the ELF Quest Pack).

I did an auction on ebay hoping the same buyer will see it and contact me:
Price there is obviously unreal, just to avoid someone to buy the item; I am not interested in a sale, but in an exchange.
Each one wil pay for his own shipping costs. SHIPPING MUST HAVE A TRACKING NUMBER.
I'm attaching a photo of the 2 parts that I have; again: I search for the bottom part for the Elf expansion and I will give away my Barbarian bottom part.
More photos of the box are on the ebay auction.
Glad if someone will help me.


Re: Barbarian / Elf Quest Pack box EXCHANGE

PostPosted: Monday November 4th, 2019 7:44am
by Goblin-King
This is the very definition of a "long shot"! :o