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HeroQuest Combined English Edition Rule Book

PostPosted: Saturday June 5th, 2021 10:22am
by Davane
For anyone who isn't aware, as part of my "RandoQuest" idea, I have been working on a HeroQuest Combined English Rule Book (HQ CERB) to serve as a reference resource for HeroQuest. I have recently finished covering all the contents of the Game System, including both the Rules and the Cards and other Components, into the document which I present here.

HQ Combined English Edition Rule Book v0.3.1.7.odt

Please note this this is a simple .odt file, which is 44 pages long, and is essentially raw text with basic headings, and page breaks between important sections. There's very little additional formatting, and the text itself is single-column and point-size 12.

I have included "cards" and similar components in sections following the relevant rules, which are broken up by headings. There's currently no contents page, but the page breaks should allow you to print out the sections you want easily enough.

My plans going forward are to update the HQ CERB with the rules and components from the official expansions, as appropriate. I will also update it for the Nu-HQ release as an when is is delivered.

Re: HeroQuest Combined English Edition Rule Book

PostPosted: Tuesday January 11th, 2022 3:52pm
by Dreadaxe