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Weltenlaeufers 3-D Board Project

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Re: Weltenlaeufers 3-D Board Project

Postby Weltenlaeufer » Wednesday September 18th, 2019 4:40pm

I got the second mold for the walls the other day. Now I started to get excited!! :D

I think I gonna keep the walls low so the doors can be put on the walls and it keeps that original look of the board while having a 3-d element.

I also gonna do some extra modular tile sections of passages and rooms so I can build new sections as I go. Lots more casting to do, but its a really fun process, especially now that I can crank out two at the same time! It takes 35 minutes until you can pop them out, so you can do it easily in the evenings at home while doing something else with a timer on.

Its really fun, because you realize how much possibilites you have to build whatever you want and you can cast however much you want, the possibilites seem endless.

I cant wait to glue them on some surface and start painting:D

I also wanna add one more floormold to get some more variety for the rooms. My fall project is offically launched! :D


This next one is at the wallheight I wanna use with the board. I think its gonna be too claustrophobic with heigher walls and I can always build higher wall sections for modular pieces or with the df terrain i have. I thibk it will preserve the hero quest board look while still giving it that nice 3 d and realistic element. And it solves the flexible door challenge.


I also like the height in the next one. Higher walls than this gonna make it hard to see the minis I think.


I layed out a bit of a section to see how a board at this height would look like. I like that the furniture and minis will be nicely visible with this wallheight!


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