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Redav's Projects

PostPosted: Thursday April 9th, 2015 1:48am
by Redav
After playing this again and finding that our friends and family have enjoyed it as well, I have started thinking about all sorts of things so I figured I might as well build a thread outlining what I'm attempting. I usually bite more off than I can chew, get distracted and wander off and forget what I was intensely keen on (case in point, I'd started this thread draft over 12 months ago :lol:). So, I'm hoping this keeps me focused, centralises links to my key threads and provides me with somewhere I can stick my musings, wins, losses and outcomes.

Oh, this thread will probably make it sound grander than it really will be :lol:

ü = Item started
ü = Item finished

Projects Started

Original EU Rule Clarifications
Expanded Rules
I have started painting :o

Projects Completed

None - surprise, surprise :)

Project Ideas

PostPosted: Thursday April 9th, 2015 1:49am
by Redav
The Chronicles of the Empire

This shall be a series of quests and stories covering;

    • Lost Legends - quests about various events and characters
    • The Dawn of Darkness - the rise of Morcar
    • An Age of Heroes - the dawn of the Empire


PostPosted: Thursday April 9th, 2015 1:50am
by Redav
Task List;

    ü Acquire some bases, more needed - Zealot bases
    • Paint original heroes
    • Select, buy and paint additional heroes
    • Select, buy and paint substitute heroes
    • Select and buy replacement weapons for existing minis
    • Base slotta minis
    • Paint original monsters
    • Paint original special monsters
    Select, buy and paint substitute special monsters - something along the lines of Goblin-King's list

Current Miniature Quantities

    • 3 Heroes each
    • 23 Goblins
    • 31 Orcs
    • 9 Fimirs
    • 28 Skeletons
    • 16 Zombies
    • 16 Mummys
    • 20 Chaos Warriors
    • 3 Chaos Sorcerers
    • 3 Gargoyles
    • 7 Ogres
    • 22 Mercenaries
Recasts; (courtesy of...)
    • 5 Mages
    • 3 Wolves
    • 4 Elves
    • 2 Heroes
    • 2 Yetis
    • 2 Polar Warbears
    • 3 Ice Gremlins
    • 1 Frozen Horror
Alternate Minis;
Wanted Games Workshop;
    ü Human Archers - Warhammer Bretonnian
    ü 12 Human Soldiers - Advanced HeroQuest
    ü Elf Mage - Mordheim Elf Mage
    ü 20 Skaven - Advanced HeroQuest
    ü 10 Goblin Archers - Warhammer
    ü 8 Goblin Spears - Warhammer Quest
    ü 10 Orc Archers - Warhammer Quest
    • Orc Spears - Warhammer?
    • Orc and goblin shields - Warhammer
    • Skeleton archers - Reaper Mini's?
    • Skeleton spears - Reaper Mini's?
    • Skeleton swords - Reaper Mini's?


PostPosted: Thursday April 9th, 2015 1:52am
by Redav
Task List;

    Buy and paint substitute doors
    • I have two sets of HQ furniture
    • Select, buy and paint existing or substitute furniture (hatch, chests)
    • Hanging out for the Twisting Catacomb's Kickstarter gear

Painted Furniture;
    ü 6 x Treasure chests
    • 2 x Weapon rack
    ü 2 x Thrones
    ü 4 x Tables
    • 2 x Torture racks
    • 2 x Tombs
    ü 4 x Bookcases
    ü 2 x Cupboards
    • 1 x Alchemist's bench
    • 2 x Fireplaces
    • 2 x Sorcerer's tables

Gaming Equipment

PostPosted: Thursday April 9th, 2015 1:53am
by Redav
Task List;

    ü Print missing tiles - the Ye Olde Inn PDF's were printed onto Avery A4 label sheets and stuck them to thick card which turned out really well, basically as good as the original tiles
    • Print remaining quest books
    Have better quality cards printed - the cards were printed on 250 GSM card which is approximately what the original cards weigh in at but I'm sure this can be improved
    Print card holder boxes - this would be a lot nicer than the snap lock bags I presently use :)
    • Create alternate gaming board or two

Alternate Gaming Board;

I'd like to use an alternate gaming board but I'm undecided which way to go.

    • Print large gaming board - having access to a large format plotter is pretty handy at times...
    • Modular (magnetic?) board - I do like the idea of the layout of the map slowly being revealed
    Hirst Arts - I love the idea of this but this will take some time, effort and space which we don't presently have


PostPosted: Saturday April 11th, 2015 9:33pm
by Redav
Attack3 Dice2 Dice2 Dice1 Dice2 Dice2 Dice2 Dice
Defend2 Dice2 Dice2 Dice2 Dice2 Dice2 Dice1 Dice
Movement2 dice2 dice2 dice2 dice2 dice2 dice2 dice
Movement Range3 - 102 - 84 - 123 - 103 - 103 - 104 - 12
Movement BonusNANADiagonally once per turnNANANABefore and after action
Roll to Charge91011NA1011NA
Mind Points2346455
Body Points8764655
Starting WeaponSwordAxeSwordStaffShort bowMaceDagger
SpellsNANA1 original set3 original setsNAHealing and defenceNA
Weapon LimitsTwo & a daggerTwo & a daggerTwo & a daggerOne & two daggersTwo & a daggerTwoOne & two daggers
Attack SkillsBroadsword / Spirit Blade sweepBattle Axe sweepNANANAExtra attack dice against undeadExtra attack dice from behind
Racial EnemyFimirGoblinNANAGoblin, Orc or FimirTurn undead test when attackedNA
Other SkillsNASees further when searchingSees further when searchingCan see magically hidden trapsNANASees floor traps in rooms
Sees traps when searching for treasure
RestrictionsMinor weaponMinor weaponMinor weaponWeapon and armourWeapon and armourBladed weapon and armourHeavy weapon and armour

Explanation of additional stats etc;

Movement Range
- varying movement limits to align with their character class / race

Movement Bonus
- slight enhancements to align with their character class / race
- if the Elf hasn't used their action, they may try and use diagonal move between monsters who are diagonal from each other but is subject to a combat test - :whiteshield: = success. Failure = loss of action

Roll to Charge
- if the movement roll is higher than this number, they may roll an additional attack die as you're trying to take advantage of charging into a monster and knocking it off balance

Starting Weapon
- their starting weapon

- the number or nature of their spell cards

Weapon Limits
- their weapon carrying limits

Attack Skills
- an additional ability with their attack
- sweeping attacks are possible on two adjacent targets if equipped with specified weapons. The second attack is with one less combat die


PostPosted: Saturday April 11th, 2015 9:34pm
by Redav
StatsGoblinOrcFimirSkeletonZombieMummyChaos WarriorGargoyle
Attack2 Dice3 Dice3 Dice2 Dice2 Dice3 Dice4 Dice4 Dice
Defend1 Dice2 Dice3 Dice2 Dice3 Dice4 Dice4 Dice5 Dice
Movement10 squares8 squares6 squares6 squares5 squares4 squares7 squares6 squares
Movement BonusTwo squares after attackingOne square after attackingNANANANANANA
Mind Points12300034
Body Points11211234
Weapon VariationShort bow, spear, shieldLongbow, shieldNAShort bow, sword & shieldNANAShieldNA

Explanation of additional stats etc;

Movement Bonus
- gives the EWP additional tactical options

Weapon Variation
- gives the EWP additional tactical options
- bows add ranged ability
- spear adds diagonal ability but cannot move after action
- shield increases defence roll by one but cannot move after action

Treasure and Artefact Cards

PostPosted: Tuesday April 14th, 2015 4:10am
by Redav

Re: Redav's Projects

PostPosted: Tuesday April 14th, 2015 8:47am
by Thantos
Task List;

• Cast bases

I managed to screw up a nice base mould which would have had them casting as two part pieces.. D:
Will sort it again this week